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Likes and dislikes in Sapa tours

Thu, 23 Apr 2015. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 14:29

Sapa is seen as the second Dalat in Vietnam with four seasons in a day. By dint of that, Sapa is bestowed with wonderful landscapes and ideal climate. Sapa tours always bring interesting and memorable experiences to travelers.

Some people say Sapa tours are becoming commercialized, while others claim that the colorful mountainous town entices travelers by its own spectacular landscapes, unique cultural identity and ideal climate. Once coming to Sapa, one will want to come back and stay longer. Some people leave their hometown to reside in Sapa Town, from Hanoian and Saigonese, even foreigners.

Sapa has some similarities with Dalat in climate, but landscapes and local people in Sapa reflect a totally different world. During late April and early May, natural scenery in Sapa is not too spectacular; however, travelers are attracted by lovely H’ Mong little girls in colorful brocade dresses and sophisticated silver jewelry, which is so impressive. In winter, before New Year celebration, Sapa is at its best. In this season, the weather in Sapa is so cold, some places the temperature falls below zero. Interestingly, weather is one of attractions in Sapa. There are four seasons in a day in the mountainous town. In the morning, it is quite cold with the temperature of about 12-18 Celsius degrees; at noon, Sapa seems to wear a new bright fresh and colorful coat with warmer temperature. From afternoon to evening, it becomes cooler and colder at night. The feature of Sapa weather remains unchanged now.

Hmong Women in Sapa Vietnam

Sapa seems to be stable with crowded bustling streets, more hotels and better services. After many years of development, there are many things changed and continuously changed as the rule of life. Different from towns and villages in the northwest, life in Sapa is changed. In the center of Sapa Town, there is a large number of black H’ Mong and Red Dao ethnic group coming here to sell their handmade traditional products and buy necessary things for their family. Most of hotels, bars and restaurants in Sapa Town are owned by Kinh people (Vietnamese group), some possessed by foreigners.

In Vietnam tour packages to Sapa, travelers are often impressed by the speaking foreign language of locals. H’ Mong ladies mostly communicate with foreign travelers by English, even old people can talk and exchange easily with foreigners. Travelers will meet the image of an old lady sewing and sometime communicating with buyers by a few basic words in English. Especially, when the old lady says something in her own ethnic language with someone via her cellphone, travelers definitely feel curious and delectable. That new and modern things may be good for locals proves that their life is improved significantly. However, pay money to take photos or suffer from dual pricing make travelers think that tourism changes life in Sapa. In addition, not all items in Sapa Market are made by locals; they come from China. Sometimes, travelers can meet hybrid children. Tourism in Sapa makes the town more prosperous, but many lives changes.

Hmong ladies speak English with a foreigner in Sapa

Yet, most travelers love Sapa as good things here. In harvest season (autumn), landscapes in Sapa are so striking. One of the most interesting things to do in Sapa is sitting in a small café and contemplating the daily life in the town, along with majestic mountains right in front of the window. The interesting feeling in the town at night is walking along small streets in Sapa, popping in a pub to enjoy drinks and listen to The Beatles or dropping by a club and having great time with friends. That will be a different world in the town, which bring unforgettable moments in Vietnam holidays in Sapa Town.

Sapa always a great destinaion

In Sapa tours, travelers often visit Ta Van Village and Lao Chai Village in Muong Hoa Valley, about 8km from Sapa Town. Here, there are lovely houses of stilt and beautiful rice terraces. If travelers want to explore more about indigenous life, homestay service is an ideal option. The best time to travel Sapa is from August to October. Other tourist attractions in Sapa are Cat Cat Village, Ta Phin Village, Silver Waterfall, and trekking tours to Fansipan. Eating in Sapa is diverse from Western to Vietnamese dishes, and ethnic food. Hotels in Sapa have various services from luxury to budget.

Being one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam, Sapa allures travelers from the simplest things to modern ones achieved over the time of development. Everything has to change and develop to exist, but Sapa remains unique traditional identity which attracts and appeal travelers to explore.

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