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A memorable trip to Pirate Island Vietnam

Fri, 22 May 2015. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 14:11

Located about 350km from Ho Chi Minh City, and not as famous as Phu Quoc Island, Nam Du Island, or Ba Lua Island, Pirate Island Vietnam possesses a hard-to-resist charm, not just by its name, but also its pristine and majestic beauty.

Pirate Island, also known as Ha Tien Islands in Kien Giang, is a strange destination. Pirate Island is the name of an Archipelago of 16 islands. The biggest island is Hon Tre Island (Hon Doc) in Tien Hai Commune of Ha Tien District. It is about 28km from Ha Tien Beach, and 40km from Phu Quoc Island. With the special name, travelers in Vietnam tours to Kien Giang can somehow image about the past in this island. Due to situating from Ha Tien - Rach Gia Gulf to the Gulf of Thailand, an important trading route from China to Western countries, from centuries ago, the archipelago was an ideal place for pirates to shelter and attack merchantman. 

Until early 20th century, piracy remains rife here. It was not just an obsession of many ships, but also was regarded as a place of a treasure. Some people think it is a rumor, while others do not believe. It is said that in 80s of the last century, there was an invasion in this island with the purpose of looking for the treasure. There is a story about a 300-year-old map to look for the treasure and a great volume of ancient coin, which makes Pirate Island more special and attractive. Todays, apart from the curiosity by its name, travelers coming to Ha Tien Islands, Vietnam tour packages from Ho Chi Minh City, to explore a unique primitive beauty.

Hon Heo (Ba Lua Islands, Kien Giang Province)

The best time to travel Pirate Island Vietnam is in spring when the sea is turquoise with gentle waves, which is suitable for those who often get seasick. Beaches in Kien Giang are not directly affected much by storm, but the rainfall volume is quite high. Before the trip to Ha Tien, it is necessary to pay attention to follow the weather forecast. From Saigon, it is easy to approach Ha Tien by mini bus, visit attractions in Ha Tien, and then travel to Pirate Island. The only way to get to Pirate Island is by water. Travelers can buy tickets at Ha Tien Wharf. There are two turns from Ha Tien to Pirate Island and vice versa, at 9:00AM and 15:00PM. It is highly recommended to arrive the wharf early to buy tickets. It costs about 50,000VND per turn. However, according to the latest news, from May 7 to the end of May, there is only one turn to Pirate Island per day, as one ship had to stop to maintain. The turn from Ha Tien to Pirate Island departs at 14:00, and from the island to Ha Tien at 9:00 AM of the next morning. Therefore travelers should arrange a suitable timetable if having intention to visit the island during the time. It is suggested that, you should call to ask for information in advance. It takes about one hour and 30 minutes to travel from Ha Tien to Pirate Island.

How to get there

Pirate Island in Kien Giang

In this island, you can ride a bike or a motorbike to get around without worrying about gettingl lost. There is only one road in this island, one side is immense sea, and another side is majestic mountains. In addition, you can get around the the island by motor-taxi, about 50,000VND/pax. Local motor-taxi riders are very friendly and hospitable. They are willing to act as a tour guide for all travelers. Moreover, if you have more time, you can hire a small boat to travel around the archipelago. The rate of hiring a boat for 10 person is about 300,000 - 400,000 VND/boat.

Where to stay

Berth in Ha Tien Islands

Many travelers coming to Pirate Island and shared that there were no services in this island, which is the most attracting thing here. At present, there are no hotels in Pirate Island. There are guesthouses only of local people. It costs about 50,000VND/night. In case, you are going on a picnic here, you can bring tent to make a camp on the beach. However, the island still lacks fresh water and electricity. Electricity in this island is provided by generator. Electricity is available in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. After 9pm, electricity will be cut off. You should prepare another battery in emergency. Food and belongings of people on the island are transported from the mainland; therefore, you should prepared some before going. If you want to experience the local life, you can order to stay with local people - homestay.

What to do

Pirate Archipelago has 16 islands, including Hon Keo Ngua, Hon Kien Vang, Hon Tre Lon, Hon Tre Vinh, Hon Gui, Hon U, Hon Giang, Hon Cho Ro, Hon Duoc Non, Hon Bo Dap, and Hon Doi Mo... Among those, Hon Tre Lon Island is the center of Tien Hai Island (Pirate Island). The island is portrayed by white smooth sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Here, you can freely immerse in the cool water, or participate in sea sport activities, explore colorful undersea world by scuba diving. The next stopover that you should not to miss when visiting here is the sovereignty milestone carved with 16 islands' names of Pirate Islands.

Most area of this island is covered by forest. Some places adjacent to sea water are barren and pristine cliffs. Here, apart from exploring and listening to stories about origin of the island's name told by locals, you will have a chance to experience natural landscapes with pristine and fresh atmosphere. One of indispensable things to do in Vietnam holidays in Pirate Island is squid fishing at night. If you are staying with local people, you can ask them for going with them to find new experiences.

Ha Tien Beach

In this island, there are many fresh and delicious seafood. Yet, at present, there are less restaurants and food stalls serving tourists in this island. Travelers come here can make reservation in advance with locals then pay them money. Seafood here is provided by local people. Otherwise, you can come to the fishing port in the early morning to buy newly caught seafood.

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