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Travel Dalat to enjoy garden tours

Thu, 19 Mar 2015. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:06

Dalat is well-known as the "City of flowers”, “Sakura land”, “Foggy City” or "City of pine" with a moderate climate all year round. Travel Dalat, tourists will be fascinated by interesting farm stays with memorable gardening experiences.

Farm stay is a new product of tourism in Dalat which attracts a large number of travelers in Vietnam tours. Owning a large scale of agricultural area which is mainly cultivated to grow vegetables, flowers and tropical fruit, Dalat people coordinate with tourism companies to develop and invest in garden tours. This gives tourists a chance to travel Dalat and experience high-tech agricultural products. The traveling form contributes to diversifying tourism product in Dalat and brings economic efficiency to the city.

Lang Biang Farm

A green vegetable garden in Dalat

The first stopover in Dalat farm tours is Lang Biang farm, at 42 Soviet Nghe Tinh Street, has an area of 20 ha, including 3 parts of producing vegetables, flowers, and fruit with main products of flower seeds (tissue culture), flowers growing in pots, cut flowers, and floral art... This is also a place of providing growing flower advice. Coming here, tourists will have a chance to explore high-tech agricultural products. In addition, tourists will have a chance to experience on growing, taking care plants, flowers and admiring floral art.

Organic Garden

Organic Garden House in Xuan Tho commune is one of gardens in Dalat using European technology. Spreading over an area of about 4 ha, Organic garden is a production area where more than 100 kinds of vegetables and fruits are produced by cultivation methods without chemicals. Thus, products of Organic are hygienic. They can be eaten directly. In farm tours in Dalat, besides visiting and learning about knowledge on agricultural production, visitors have the opportunity to participate in classes of processing salad.

Thai Phien Flower Village

Vegetable farming in Dalat

With a large ground, fertile soil and stream water flowing through, Thai Phien Flower Village in Ward 12 is an ideal place to plant products of cut flowers in greenhouse and grid house by workflows technology. In addition, the flower village is a place of growing atiso, the key plant of Dalat. Coming to Thai Phien Flower Village, visitors will find immense colorful flower gardens interwoven if as embellishing to the vitality of Central Highlands. Each year, Thai Phien Flower Village welcomes a large number of domestic and international tourists to visit, to study and to enjoy in Vietnam tour packages to Dalat.

Van Thanh Flower Garden

Van Thanh Flower Garden in Ward 5 provides more than 80% number of flower in the city. Although the village's terrain is mostly mountainous, by dint of traditional methods, Van Thanh Village residents have created many strains of beautiful roses. Stepping into the kingdom of roses, visitors not only have the opportunity to admire colorful roses, but also enjoy the aroma of roses.

Thuong Garden

Tea hill in Dalat

Thuong Garden in Tuyen Lam Lake tourist area has an area of 1.5ha with two main areas. The area of garden house provides services of health care with traditional pharmaceuticals. Growing medicinal plants area is the place of growing and caring about 500 precious medicinal plants such as Ganoderma, sweet grass... especially Ngoc Linh ginseng. Besides, the Thuong Garden provides other services such as homestay, restaurant, visiting, and selling gardening specialties, and free check health by traditional method.

Trai Ham-Dalat Organic Weasel Coffee Farm

Last but not least in Dalat farm trips, it is Trai Ham Farm – Dalat Organic Weasel Coffee Farm at 135E Hoang Hoa Tham in Ward 10 is famous for coffee products. Each year, the farm appeals more than 1,000 visitors, including 10% of foreigners. With an area of 2.5ha, Ham Farm has three main parts: Moka coffee planting area, tods caring, and enjoying coffee place. This is the first plantation feeding tods by moka coffee to create the high-quality coffee products. Tod coffee in Ham Farm is accredited from planting stage, caring, harvesting to processing to get high economic efficiency. Visiting Ham Farm, visitors apart from have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of mink coffee,  also listen to the interpretations of coffee production process as well as participate in outdoor barbecue, Gong performances or services of homestay. Before leaving the farm, visitors will be gifted a cup with visitors' names printed on. The type of farming tours in Dalat not just attracts visitors to Dalat, but also contributes to a rich system of tourism products in Lam Dong.

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