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My visit to Bat Trang ceramic village on a beautiful day

Sat, 12 Apr 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:07

Visiting Bat Trang ceramic village was truly our best decision. Not far from Red River, the village is home to a plenty of unique and high-quality ceramic products which are preferred by both domestic and international tourists visiting here.

After day tours in dynamic and crowded Hanoi city, we decided to visit Bat Trang ceramic village, one of the famous attractions in Hanoi. When entering the center area of the village, we were so impressed by the scene of white ceramic statues, big vases and other products in all shapes, sizes laid everywhere in front of stone houses. With wide open windows and doors, these houses seemed to be welcoming the whole world.

visit Bat Trang ceramic village

The history of this village was introduced us through a local people while we were walking along the road around the village. When traveling to the north of Hanoi to find a new capital of Vietnam, King Ly Cong Uan and his peoples stopped and camped in Bat Trang. Here, they explored an abundant source of white clay. With such precious material, the village was developed to become a pottery village supplying products for the king. In later centuries, a big village was formed around the area of making pottery products. Since then, Bat Trang Pottery Village was established with a large number of products exported to other countries in Asia and Europe. This village is one of the most famous ceramic areas in Vietnam.

Bat Trang ceramics

The story about history of the village ended when we reached a house like a small producing area. We decided to enter and say a big “hello”, but nobody answered. We thought that people might come back their home to take a rest, or avoid heat at noon. Thus, we moved to the next door. Inside this house, we had a chance to witness the whole process of making ceramic products from mixing materials, molding, and drying to baking, decorating and completing a finished product in the first floor. Next, we went up the second floor. Here, we found a room with all products of Bat Trang ceramics. Some of them were undecorated, while others were being decorated with various and sophisticated patterns and colors by skillful artisans. We really admired the talent and creativity of artisans in this village.

Bat Trang ceramics

After visiting producing area in Bat Trang village, we traveled to Bat Trang pottery market where there are a large number of ceramic products displayed and sold. This market is really a large market of ceramic products of all types, shapes and colors. We seemed to be lured into the maze of this market with beauty of ceramic products from outstanding collection of bowls and plates to sophisticated ceramic jewelries. We could not help buying some souvenirs for our friends and family. Most of people come here to buy unique and high-quality ceramic products for their houses. Interestingly, not far from the market, there is a series of stores in which we had a chance to make a favorite ceramic products by ourselves. We were instructed by a funny and skillful artisan. He was so enthusiastic and taught us carefully. We finished our products and gave them to the artisan to bake. After over one hour, we got our achievements which were more beautiful than we had expected, and of course, we were so happy for that.

Bat Trang ceramic village

It was an extremely amazing experience in our trip to craft villages in Hanoi. We had opportunities to see the process of producing ceramic products, admire the creativity of artisans and have great time in Bat Trang pottery market. This trip is really a should-not-miss one in your holiday in Hanoi.

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