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Van Phuc Silk Village – Cradle of outstanding Vietnamese silk

Fri, 31 Oct 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:45

Such outstanding and sophisticated silk shirts, dresses, or scarfs as founded or seen on body of models in fashion shows or of some Hanoian must have been made in Van Phuc Silk Village, the oldest silk village still operating in Vietnam.

Exploring ancient traditional relics, especially old handicraft villages, becomes a tendency among tourists in Vietnam travel. In Hanoi, many old villages attracting travelers are handicraft villages in Hanoi Old Quarter, Bat Trang Pottery Village, Duong Lam Village, and especially Van Phuc Silk Village. Van Phuc Silk Village, located in Van Phuc Ward of Ha Dong District is a long-lasting traditional handicraft village of Vietnam. The village has existed for hundreds of years.

Lying on the bank of Nhue River, Van Phuc Silk Village remains more or less the ancientness of an old village with images of  old banyan tree, huge village's well, courtyard, and bazaar under the banyan tree. The village is recognized as the oldest silk village still operating by Vietnam Records. It is also a famous attraction in Hanoi. Monthly, Van Phuc Silk Village welcomes from 3000-5000 visitors. The unique beauty of Van Phuc Silk has been firmly defined over hundreds of years. That will be so amazing if visitors come to the village in an autumn or winter day. In these days, Van Phuc Silk Village becomes bustling and exciting with flows of visitors coming here to choose their favorite products. Both local and international tourists are enticed by various and colorful silk products. Coming here, they have chances not just to contemplate exquisite silk products and buy some as gifts, but also explore the process of making a graceful silk cloth, which is also an attraction raising the number of tourists here.

Van Phuc Silk Village - Making silk

For hundreds of years, silk has always been regarded an extremely luxurious material, on par with rhinoceros horn, ivory and precious handworks in Vietnam. It has long been a symbol of luxury, often worn by the richest, most powerful citizens. Most visitors somehow have heard about the fame as well as its important role of Vietnamese silk. And, Van Phuc Silk Village is the cradle of Viet silk. The village is proud to be the origin of best silk and silk-making industry in Vietnam, which is attached to a long-lasting history of more than two thousand years. Over time, weaving silk becomes a traditional handicraft of Van Phuc Village. Van Phuc Silk has its own distinctive features of smooth and soft materials and subtleness in each silk line and decorative patterns. The quality and variety of Van Phuc Silk are increasingly improved and more sophisticated. Silk is not just a precious material of Van Phuc Village, but also a Vietnamese traditional specialty. Though passing by lots of ups and downs, todays, the village’s craft has enjoyed revival due to a surging demand for silk in both the domestic and foreign markets. This triggers travelers’ desire to explore Van Phuc Silk’s fame in Vietnam tour packages. When reaching the village, visitors will be overwhelmed by giant lush old tree and a big stone block with the line “Làng lụa Vạn Phúc" (Van Phuc Silk Village) sculptured on. Crossing the majestic village's gate with elegant sunlight of an autumn day printed on ancient red wall, they seem to get lost in the world of colors. Along village roads, silk stalls are close to each other as a convergence of colors: green, red, violet, brown, black, white, etc. The colors of graceful shirts, soft scarves, gentle bags, and hospitable shop owners.

Visitors will be welcomed by a bamboo gate bearing Vietnamese traditional patterns, from which they will be lured into the world of Van Phuc Silk. At first, visitors will enter the introduction area in which there is a model of old silk looms dated back to the beginning of 19th century. The working tool has been bringing prosperity to Van Phuc Village throughout many centuries. Each wooden stick is imprinted footprints of time. They are placed in the pavilion supported by four pillars. The silk loom is protected carefully by the local people. Currently, modern weaving looms replace slowly to the frame of ancient silk looms. Seemingly, the old silk loom embraces itself vicissitudes of Van Phuc Silk Village.

Van Phuc Silk

Vietnam tours to ancient villages like this will allure visitors in the fresh colors of silk with all sorts of diverse and beautiful items such as garments, bags, wallets, towels, pillows or original silk cloth, etc. in the booths. When visiting here, local artisans will introduce visitors about the operating process of a weaving loom. Weaving is a demanding job, which requires meticulousness, carefulness and painstaking. Weavers have to look after the process of weaving silk carefully, in case there is some mistakes need fixing immediately to ensure the quality of silk. Having a chance to touch soft, cool and high-quality silk seems to wake all senses up. Decorative motifs on silk fabric or cloth are very diverse and delicate as image of cranes, Tho Dinh, Tu Quy (four holy mascots)... making costumes became graceful and lively. Seemingly, artisans send all their souls to weaving silk.

Silk making in Van Phuc Village

Todays, Van Phuc Silk Village is an amazing destination of globetrotters who adore traditional charm of Vietnam costumes during short or long Vietnam holidays. The more well-known Van Phuc Silk becomes, the further it expands in the world. Both local and international visitors come to Van Phuc Silk Village to choose their favorite silk cloths to have their elegant and dresses or shirts made. Van Phuc silk today are used to sew many items from clothing, cotton clothing, blankets, pillow and towel to small items such as bags, purses, handbag and souvenirs. This shows a high level of workmanship in Van Phuc Village. Van Phuc Silk is shiny, smooth, colorful, durable and beautiful. Van Phuc Silk at first looks like beautiful white clouds. The silk has high and extraordinary technical textiles. The local climate also creates natural features of Van Phuc Silk. The color of silk is unpredictable due to the changes of weather.

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