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How to master Hanoi Old Quarter

Fri, 14 Nov 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:44

Hanoi Old Quarter is a precious architectural heritage deeply bearing traditional cultural identity of the nation. It is worth to symbolize the soul of Hanoi - a millennial culture. Going to Hanoi Old Quarter, tourists will get unforgettable experiences.

Hanoi is one of the most attractive and impressive destinations of Vietnam travel. It attracts tourists thanks to not only the extremely romantic natural landscape but also the unique long-standing culture and friendly citizens. Hanoi has long been the must-see destination in any Vietnam tours. In particular, participating Hanoi tours, tourists cannot miss Hanoi Old Quarter - the soul of the land and people of Hanoi city. Tourists visiting Hanoi Old Quarter do not forget to take the time to sip a cup of coffee, walk around the night market or set foot in the "Hang" streets. In the journey of exploring Hanoi travel, you should stop at the rendezvous which have long been considered to store the soul of the ancient land.

Wandering Hanoi Old Quarter

Hang Non Street

Do not confine yourself on the "Hang" (pavilion) streets which are always bustling with tourists, the souvenir shops are crowded with sellers and buyers. Set foot on the small alleys on Hang Manh Street, Hang Bac Street... to witness a peaceful life. It is a common living courtyard beneath a narrow staircase, which is a unique cultural feature that can be found nowhere. You will have a chance to meet the traditional ancient living space of a Hanoi family model. Almost Vietnam tour packages to Hanoi Old Quarter are unable to ignore this unique tourist spots. If you are shy with citizens surrounding, step into the heritage house - built in 1890 at 87 Ma May Street. Only standing here, you will see the soul and the quintessence of ancient Hanoi and understand why the life of the citizens here ties to the old town, not new urban surroundings.

Sipping Hanoi Old Quarter's coffee

Drink coffee with plastic chairs in Hanoi

Previously, Hanoi Old Quarter is famous for four pillars of coffee: Nhan, Nhi, Di, Giang. The reputation and quality of the coffee here always satisfy tourists when discovering Hanoi. Tourists should definitely try drinking to make their visit to the capital is truly perfect. Today, Hanoi appears many more cafes retaining more diverse decor with the youthful or nostalgic architectural style. Tourists thus take the time to sip a cup of coffee in the small cafés. You will partly experience the soul of Hanoi - the thousand-year-old city. Be silent to contemplate the streets or immerse in the old-time tinged space from the low wooden door frames and timeless furniture. It will be a memorable experience for not only tourists but also many those who have lived for years in this land. Hanoi Old Quarter's cafes are one of distinctive cultural features of the Hanoian.

Taking souvenirs at Hanoi Old Quarter

Vietnamese Sourvenir in Hanoi Night Market

Hanoi Old Quarter has long attracted numerous tourists in Hanoi tour. That is why the souvenir shops spring up like mushrooms after the rain. Souvenirs sold here mainly serve tourism, so they are not cheap. However, if ingeniously looking for, you still see the bargains and interesting items. A T-shirt "I Love Hanoi", the key chains in the shape of Tortoise Tower or ancient Hanoi postcards are souvenirs you can buy as gifts after the visit to the millennial cultural capital. This is also a smart way to further explore the beauty of Hanoi Old Quarter.

Walking at the weekend night market

Hanoi night market

Walking along the weekend night market is an experience tourists should once try. The market starts from Hang Dao Street and ends at Dong Xuan Market with thousands of booths full of diverse categories. From the clothing pavilions, silk goods to crafts from bamboo or pottery of renowned establishments such as Van Phuc, Bat Trang are showed up here... Especially, the night market is not simply a market place for buying and selling. Here, tourists not only get the featured products of the capital but also have a chance to ascertain about the cultural activities like "cheo", "ca tru" - Vietnamese traditional folk songs... on Saturday night. Hanoi Old Quarter's night market is actually a tourist spot which tourists should not miss in Vietnam tour packages to the city. In addition, do not forget to stop beside the kit of the artist in order to take a portrait for the souvenirs. Only 10 minutes per picture, you will have much more impression on Hanoi travel when strolling in the night market.

Setting foot on Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi

Just a few steps from the Hanoi Old Quarter, Long Bien Bridge is worth an impressive tourist attractions in Hanoi tourists should arrive. With a length of 1,682 m and 896 m long of viaduct section, the bridge connects Hoan Kiem district and Long Bien district. Thanks to its existence against the US war, Long Bien Bridge is also considered a symbol of a difficult period but heroic of the capital. Stepping on Long Bien Bridge, you will not only find the ancient days imprinted on span each, but understand much more about the life of workers right at the capital. They are bustling fruit market from 2 am; the hawkers gather in the city when it is still misty. Sitting down on Long Bien Bridge in a sunset, taking a small cup of tea, you will understand why Hanoi people cannot live without the existence of the bridge.

Visiting "Hang" streets

Hang Tre Street in Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi tourism has long been famous for "Hang" streets. These streets used to be the gathering place of artisans from the villages around the ancient Thang Long. They concentrated on private handicraft areas. It is products traded here that have turned those areas into the streets as today, just behind the letter "Hang". Undergoing the time, these streets have not been intact like their own origin. Yet you can still find the ancient Hanoi days in some streets remaining its traditional craft at Old Quarter, namely Hang Bac (Silver) with gold or silver manipulation or Hang Duong (Sugar) with confectionery and "o mai" (salted dry apricot). Exploring these streets will actually leave special impressions to tourists in minds on the thousand-year-old city.

Enjoy street cuisine

BBQ on Ta Hien Street

Hanoi Old Quarter is home to numerous shops selling tasty food, which is characteristic of Hanoi travel. Culinary essence of the capital is seemly found in every corner on the ancient town. Tourists can try dried beef salad on Ho Hoan Kiem Street or beef noodle soup on Gia Ngu Street. Most interestingly, whether stopping in any street here, you can easily find yourself a tasty dish. If possible, you could ask a young enthusiastic citizen to guide the best shops on the street or in the narrow and deep alleys. Tourist will definitely get interesting experiences when participating in Hanoi Old Quarter travel.

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