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Simplicity creates an enchanting Hanoi

Tue, 25 Nov 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:42

Hanoi has been a must-visit destination in Vietnam. It fascinates tourists with a long lasting history, diverse and unique cuisine, and hospitable people. With AloTrip, tourists will have a chance to explore the city thoroughly with unique simplicities.

Hanoi has been always an inviting land with many fetching things. Traveling the capital will bring to tourists a different sense from other cities in Southeast Asia. Hanoi seems to be the convergence of past, presence and future. To have more specific things to know about the Vietnam’s capital, let’s discover it with AloTrip. As being one of the most professional and newest travel agents in Vietnam, AloTrip International Limited with as its official website wishes to help tourists from all over the world enjoy wonderful Vietnam holidays in Hanoi. It seems to have too many questions about Hanoi such as what makes it special, where to go, what to see, what to eat, and what to buy. All will be answered worthily.

Hanoi is an ancient capital hiding many charms. An American journalist said that Hanoi looked like a "fresh and cool breeze". He also added although traveling many places in South East Asia, he recognized many differences only when popping in Hanoi. This land is a gorgeous place with unique features.

Hanoi Old Quarter – City’s culture

Hang Tre Street in Hanoi Old Quarter

Like a maze of small streets intertwining with each other, Hanoi Old Quarter will be one of the top Hanoi attractions that almost tourists never miss when setting foot in here. Let's try to wandering along small and narrow streets in which remain vestiges of time, history and culture of Hanoian. Getting around the old quarter, dropping by small stands selling delicious street food of Hanoi, or sipping a cup of coffee in one of cafes in the old quarter are top things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter. Such architectures as narrow tube-houses or French old buildings make a special and stunning architectural feature of Hanoi city.

Beer – A simple pleasure

Ta Hien Beer Street in Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi is famous for delicious street food, and fresh beer is one of should-not-miss things when traveling the city. Strikingly, each brasserie has its own exclusive flavor. These "beerhouses" are small, but they appeal tourists to stay long and explore the differences. Cheap glasses of beer become a simple joy of all guests from Hanoian men to foreign travelers. In these beerhouses, people sitting around, sipping glasses of fresh beer, eating some snacks, chatting, and sharing daily stories with each other. Popping in Ta Hien Street with some of close friends or even alone, tourists will find the second-to-none features about Hanoian and explore more about their daily life full of simplicities.

Street vendors – A rustic image

Street vendors in Hanoi

Hanoi is one of outstanding destinations in Vietnam, and a tourism center in Vietnam. However, it is different from other modern cities. Local people are not favored in big supermarkets. They are interested in street vendors. Seemingly, street vendors become unforgettable and lovely cultural feature of Hanoi in the eyes of international tourists. Almost all streets of the city, tourists can meet street vendors full of items from fresh fruit to snack or traditional Vietnamese dishes. The sellers look more special in Non la (Conical hat) - Vietnamese traditional hat and walk gently. That is memorable image in tourists' mind. These images always attract tourists to take photos and keep memorable moments in their Vietnam travel.

French style and impressive imprints

St. Joseph Cathedral

In Vietnam tour packages, travelers recognize that Vietnam remains many elegant architectural features of the last century. As mentioned above, Hanoi is the meeting place of past, presence and future. Why is it said that? In the city, there are buildings featuring French colonial architecture having existed over the over and remained its important roles. These old architectures emerged amid modern and splendid buildings. On the line of economic development, the city seems to wear a new “jacket” with modern skyscrapers, but remains historical and traditional works.

Additionally, French characteristics are also reflected through Hanoi cuisine. French baguette coming here is stuffed with local ingredients, and then it becomes one of the best sandwiches in the world with Vietnamese Banh My brand. Café culture is also an interest of Hanoian, which is inspired from French. In Hanoi, people are favored of both coffee and tea. To young people, coffee is preferred and becomes a culture. They love mixing coffee with condensed milk, which is a unique feature of Hanoi coffee. Style of enjoying coffee of Vietnamese people is quite the same as that of French people. Patient people wait for coffee dropping from aluminum filter, contemplating bustling city and enjoy a “life movie”. Drinking coffee at street vendors is not just enjoying an exclusive cup of coffee, but also a lifestyle.

Challenges to courage

Traffic in Hanoi

Almost foreign tourists coming to Hanoi in Vietnam tours agree that crossing roads in Hanoi is a difficult challenge, which always conveys a sense of insecurity but cheerfulness. Crossing Hanoi roads during rush hours looks like a in the bungee game. Foreign tourists share that, Hanoi traffic is a bit of chaos, yet, in that chaotic space there is a specific order helping pedestrians. “Xe Om” (Motorbike Hug) is another unique image captured by tourists when coming here. Sitting behind Xe Om drivers, foreign tourists feel as if they were swimming in a “river”. These experiences leave strong impressions in tourists’ mind.

With all above mentioned simple things, Hanoi becomes more appealing in the eyes of international tourists by its ancient beauty simple and hospitable locals, along with a long-lasting culture. That is why Hanoi is chosen as the first place in all holidays in Vietnam. 

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