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Hanoi autumn - a poem for romantic souls

Fri, 22 Aug 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:52

Seemingly, for those who are fascinated by the beauty of Hanoi, autumn - the most ravishing season in a year makes this city at its best. It is the time when pavements of all streets and alleys will be covered by yellow leaves, creating romantic scenes.

Autumn is also the time when the ancient city is beautified by wonderful scent of Cốm or pure beauty of lotuses. With such grace and romance, Hanoi has been an outstanding theme in many Vietnam travel guide books. Whether staying in Hanoi just for one day or more, it may be enough to love, to memorize and to let autumn in Hanoi be carved in tourists’ mind. What does autumn in Hanoi bring to tourists? There are romantic spots scattering streets and alleys of streets in Hanoi Old Quarter, West Lake or Hoan Kiem Lake; the elegance of Hanoian with flower bikes and unique street hawkers; and special Hanoi street food; or even an ideal weather. That explains why Hanoi is a fantastic destination during Vietnam holidays of tourists all over the world.

Hanoi street with gold leaves in autumn

In autumn, Hanoi weather is covered by cool breezes. This is an ideal time to walk along Westlake, Hoan Kiem Lake or go strolling along Phan Dinh Phung Street, one of the most beautiful and romantic roads in this city. Yet, autumn in Hanoi is mixed with a bit of coldness in winter; thus, do not forget to take a slight jacket along.

West Lake in Hanoi has been one of the most stunning attractions appealing everyone at any time in a year. During autumn’ months, the beauty of this lake changes differently and magically hours by hours in a day. In the early morning West Lake is covered by a thin smog until the sun rises, this lake becomes brilliant like a pure crystal. Hanoi City from afar looks more peaceful this moment.

Hanoi Street in Autumn

Let’s start an autumn morning with a bowl of Pho in Hanoi Old Quarter. Tourists will see a cultural life of Hanoian not be lured into the hustle and bustle of a capital’s living space when entering a Pho restaurant in the old quarter. It is somehow a unique hobby of Hanoi people to be patiently queue up to wait for their favorite breakfast every morning.

After enjoying the specialty of Hanoi, it is time to go strolling along Hanoi old streets and discover the hidden beauty of the thousand-year cultural capital. All streets are named starting with “Hàng” and the goods sold. On these streets, there is a wide range of items and products sold, from working tools, household tools, to subtle handicraft products, unique traditional food and specialties, and sophisticated jewelries, etc. As there are many similar streets, which may make tourists confused. Do not worry, as the Hanoian also sometimes gets lost! So small Hanoi is, but the local people seem to never discover it completely. That is also another reason why Hanoi is an appealing stop in Vietnam tours packages as it has many things looking for tourists’ exploration.

Luong Ngoc Quyen Street - a Beer Corner

Wandering around Hanoi 36 Streets will definitely make one hungry. Now, it is high time to explore tasty dishes of Hanoi cuisine. The eating habit of Hanoian at lunch is quite “fast”. Only by having a simple dish such as Bún Chả, Bún Đậu, Bún Riêu, or Bún Ốc can the locals be full and reenergized for their work in the afternoon. Someone will be surprised at the way local people enjoy their meals. They do not often enter a big restaurant and order these above mentioned dishes; they sit around street hawkers placing under the cool shade of big trees along streets to have lunch instead. It is so amazing to combine enjoying a delicious street food with contemplating a dynamic and modern but ancient Hanoi.

Queuing at Pho Bat Dan Restaurant

In the afternoon, taking a shopping tour will bring a new experience in this city. One of the most outstanding autumn’s gifts in Hanoi is silk. A silk scarf with sophisticated and well-decorated patterns should not be forgotten in any trip. Or, popping in some small shops in the old quarter and choosing some cute Vietnamese items will bring a refreshing moment. Tasting some sweet soups during the city tour is an interesting experience. Otherwise, sipping a cup of coffee in an old café on Dinh Tien Hoang Street with poetic and serene lake view will be an interesting and memorable moment.

Hanoi Night Market

Hanoi nightlife seems to wear a new coat with splendid lights from skyscrapers and exciting atmosphere in Dong Xuan night market. In spite of modern facilities, Hanoi remains its ancientness with complicated and equitized features. In addition, the ancient city is more artistic with the appearance of Hanoian women. Possessing a thousand-year traditional cultural feature, women in Hanoi are always delicate and profound from their behaviors to costumes. Hanoi women in particular and Hanoian in general are always extroverted and hospitable. The image of these people will be saved in tourists’ mind forever with beautiful smiles and kindness.

Hanoi is really one of top places to visit in Vietnam tours, not just by its appeals in autumn with romantic beauty spots, unique cuisine and ideal weather, but also its seasonal charm fascinating tourists coming here for the first time.

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