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Dong Xuan night market a new cultural space in Hanoi

Fri, 09 May 2014. Last updated Thu, 07 May 2015 16:35

Dong Xuan Market, an ancient market, has been existing for hundreds of years since Vietnamese feudalism. Nowadays, Dong Xuan night market becomes an interesting attraction in Hanoi appealing both local and international tourists.

Hanoi has a series of exciting day and night markets. They can be indoor and outdoor markets. Yet, night markets in Hanoi are like a social event instead of a shopping occasion for tourists and local people to pop in there. Actually, it does not mean that you cannot find great bargains at a night market. Once traveling Hanoi, you should not miss to go to night market in Hanoi Old Quarter. With its many side streets and corners, this special market seems to drive you to get lost in it. Just simply immerse in the flow of people, and see where you will end up. Here, there are many small street stalls and markets of seafood, souvenirs, toys and great deal of other products, which are ready for your choice.

Dong Xuan night market, an ideal attraction

The exciting Dong Xuan night market takes place every day, especially in every Saturday and Sunday evening, the night market is connected with a night market along Hang Dao walking street. Yet, the night market on Hang Dao Street is only held on weekend. These night-markets create an interesting rendezvous where local people and tourists who are visiting Hanoi for their first time come to enjoy the interesting nightlife of Hanoi. Stalls in the night market stretches from Hang Dao Street to Dong Xuan Market, creating a lively walking street crowded with colorful and boisterous sounds. Specifically, on every Saturday, many folk art performances are organized by Vietnam Musicians Association such as Cheo singing, Xam singing, and Tru singing.

Hang Dao Street at night

Dong Xuan night market is a heaven of shopping. The unique Hanoi night market is the home to various items such as clothes, accessories, jewelries, souvenirs, and other goods. They are displayed along streets in Old Quarter like Hang Ngang, Hang Duong, Luong Van Can, Hang Ma, and Hang Bo. With many Hanoian, walking in this market every weekend seems to be their favorite habit or hobby; even shopping is not the main purpose like coming to other markets. Sometimes, local people and foreign tourists visit this busy market to immerse in the exciting and dynamic atmosphere of Hanoi nightlife’s corner with friends to chat and taste delicious street food.

Dong Xuan night market activities

Hanoi night market

Many tourists coming to Hanoi also want at least once to lure into Dong Xuan night market, take unique photos, and enjoy street food sold at night market’s stalls. Otherwise, tourists can ask street artist to sketch a portrait for them to keep as a souvenir about Hanoi. Besides, they do not forget to give themselves, family and friends beautiful items. Many souvenirs sold at the night market have affordable prices and good quality like those in stores on other streets or other markets. Many visitors show great interest in souvenirs and product reflecting style and culture of Vietnam. Going to the night market in Old Quarter to listen to songs of Xam singing becomes popular. As a “rule” on Saturday evening, folk art performances are held at Dong Xuan night market. This activity becomes more boisterous. Partly because of the weekend time, buyers and sellers are more crowded, but there are also other reasons. It is because of the artistic performance of Xam singing, “Hanoi 36 streets”, in front of Dong Xuan Market is “lightened up” to serve visitors, bringing a very special cultural space. Discovering culinary “world” in this market is one of should-not-miss things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter. When people come to Dong Xuan night market, they do not just shop, but also enjoy distinctive traditional cuisine of Hanoi like Pho, Bun oc, and Bun dau, and watch the flow of people back and forth.

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