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Dong Thap welcomes tourists in the flooding season

Fri, 25 Jul 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

Dong Thap is located in the Mekong Delta, one of three Dong Thap Muoi provinces. Coming to Dong Thap Muoi in the flood season, tourists will have the chance to explore and experience the typical features of this land.

At this time, the flood from the Mekong River upstream is flowing, indicating the start of a flood season in the Mekong River Delta. It is the time when tourist attractions in Dong Thap is preparing to welcome tourists coming to visit, experience the typical features of Dong Thap in the flood season.

The flood season this year, in addition to repairing and repainting the old tourist boats, Gao Giong Eco Resort (Gao Giong commune, Cao Lanh district) will invest 10 new boats having the blinds with the 5.5m long and the capacity of 4 people. Mr Le Quoc Cuong, the temporary director of Gao Giong Eco Resort said that this is the first year, the tourist area equips with the boats attached the blinds, tourists can sit on the boat and row around the lotus pond and the bird garden here.


Lotus lake in Dong Thap Muoi


In Tram Chim National Park (Tam Nong district), there are many the exciting activities. For example, tourists can play fishermen fishing, spreading the net... The owners of caltrop fields in Lap Vo district has planted the caltrop trees and waits for the flood season to serve tourists. From the early June, the lotus pond in Dong Thap Muoi prepared several tourist services to meet the demand of tourists in the flood season as eliminating the old lotus, planting the new lotus, adding the special menus of this season, putting the simple floating restaurant into the operation in order to bring a simple space of the countryside for tourists.


Tram Chim National Park


In addition, the Thap Muoi lotus pond offers some interesting activities serving for tourists as rowing around the lotus pond to admire the beautiful lotuses, taking photographs (equipping the life jackets when visiting by the speedboat or dug-out canoes). Interesting, tourists can go to the lotus and themselves scent tea in the tapered lotuses to catch the evening dew. And in the next morning, they themselves cut the tapered lotus and enjoy the cups of delicious tea. This year, the Thap Muoi lotus pond will extend some services as fishing under the lotus pond and tourists will prepare the dishes from their “booty”, serving some tours to visit the daily life of local people and the natural landscapes of the western land, enjoying the Don Ca Tai Tu between the vast lotus pond right in the floating restaurant.


Specialty of Dong Thap during flooding season


To better serve the visiting demand of tourists in the flood season, Mr Ngo Quang Tuyen, the Temporary Deputy Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism Department of Dong Thap said that the department has deployed some proactive works to tourist areas and attractions as guiding the establishments, tourist areas, places to check and enrich the tourist products in order to attract tourists, ensuring the security and safety for tourists, especially most yards, safe waterway traffic equipments. The department will coordinate with the specialized sectors to test the food safety and hygiene, propagandize and raise the awareness and mobilize the trading units to implement well the laws and regulations…

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