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Quang Ninh Tourism Week 2014 attracts thousands of visitors

Mon, 21 Apr 2014. Last updated Tue, 05 May 2015 14:50

Taking place from April 7 to May 15, Quang Ninh Tourism Week 2014 includes a chain of various, exciting and promising activities which will bring unforgettable impressions on positive changes of this land to tourists.

In every April and May, tourists coming to Halong have chances to participate in many exciting festive activities with various and striking features which bring memorable experiences on exploring Halong and local people to visitors. Quang Ninh Tourism Week 2014 is organized by the provincial People's Committee. The tourism week consists of featured cultural events, sports and tourism activities. It gradually becomes one of the cultural characteristics of Quang Ninh tourism. The program is widely deployed across the province with a series of special and attractive events. The most important point in occasion is Halong Carnival 2014. Halong Carnival will be officially held on April 30 at Hoang Quoc Viet Square in Hung Thang Ward, Halong City. This is the first time that Halong City is hosting many attractive, unique, and promising performances which appeals local people and visitors to join.

Colors in Halong Carnival 2013

With a theme “Quang Ninh- Convergence and Pervasion”, Halong Carnival 2104 will be featured with a series of interesting activities such as street parade and art performances. The street parade in Halong Carnival 2014 includes 28 groups with nearly 4000 professional and semi-professional actors from local organizations, enterprises; local people; and artistic delegations from China, Thailand and Laos, etc. Coming to Halong Carnival 2014, visitors will be immersed not only in colorful cultural space of 22 ethnic groups in Quang Ninh province, but also enjoy the exciting modern cultures of art groups from many countries in the region. Immersing in a vibrant and charismatic art space, visitors have more understanding about cultures of Vietnam and other neighboring countries. In Halong Carnival 2014, you will also join with artists in street performances like catwalk shows, “Phoenix” dancing, and rituals for best harvests of local people, especially, exciting Caribbean and Latin dancing shows.

Performance in Halong Carnival 2012

Besides, the street parade of Halong Carnival 2014 consists of seven floats of flowers, dozens of models, and moveable catwalk decorated strikingly with themes such as “Halong City – aspiration of flying Dragon”, “Land of natural masterpieces convergence”, “Land of colorful cultures convergence”, and “Land of pervasions and interests”. The beauty of Halong City will be reflected via different spaces and moments, from brilliant dawn to dusk and magical night. As planned, the organizer will arrange over 1000 seats to ensure and create favorable conditions for visitors to observe shows in one of the most important festivals in Halong.

Coming to Quang Ninh Tourism Week 2014, apart from joining Halong Carnival, visitors can participate in a series of cultural events, sports and tourism activities. These events take place continuously for over one month with many striking and attractive programs. They are Halong Cherry Blossom Festival, “I love Halong” show, and exhibitions of art - photography, light, and spiritual life of fishing communities in Halong Bay. In addition, many folk games and beauty contests, and Halong Travel Trade Fair, promotions on regional specialty brands, and other sport activities took place during this time.

Performance in Halong Carnival 2013

Through a series of vibrant activities and events, visitors will have the best overview of local life and featured tradition in Halong. In addition, these activities contribute to promulgating Halong tourism to other provinces and to the world. Overall, the series of special events in Quang Ninh Tourism Week 2014 will create an atmosphere of great festivals, opening up a blooming season of Quang Ninh tourism.

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