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Co To Island gets investment in tourism sector

Thu, 24 Jul 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

Located in Quang Ninh province, Co To Island is considered as the pearl amidst the sea and an ideal tourist destination of Vietnam. In recent years, the district has much effort and projects for the tourism development.

Identifying tourism is the potential and strength, in the recent times, Co To has the strong investment in tourism. The first is the development of infrastructure to serve tourism. The inland district previously often occurs of the freshwater shortage.

To remedy this situation, Co To has focused on improving and upgrading the water reservoirs in the district including C4 Lake (Co To town) with a capacity of 100.000m3, Truong Xuan lake (Dong Tien commune) with a capacity of 170.000m3, Chien Thang I with a capital of 54.000m3 and Chien Thang II with a capital of 70.000m3. At the same time, the district focuses on building 3 central water supply in lakes including the water supply system in C4 lake with a capacity of 600m3/day, the water supply system in Xuan Truong having the capacity of 100m3/day…ensuring to provide the fresh water  for 1005 of  the population in Co To district.


Co To Island


Previously, the tourist ship to Co To are the wooden ships, the low power, the long time causing the seasick for many tourists when traveling to the island by boat. To remedy this situation, Co To district has developed the high-speed boats to transport passengers with the high quality shortened about one fourth of the time from the mainland to the Co To island over the past. Before, if tourists went to the island by wooden boat, it would take 3-4 hour, now they just take over 70 minutes.

To help the households of the district participated in tourism activities; the district issued a support mechanism with 50% of interest rate, the amount loan of VND 200 million/household to build new houses serving tourists. The district also supports the enterprises and households to build new high-speed boats and bus routes in the area. In addition, Co To district supports fishermen to repair, build the ships to fish seafood combined with shuttle tourists with the supporting level 15-30 million/household. Co To encourages investment in fish processing, building the brand, promoting the local advantages such as instant jellyfish, fish sauce, dried fish, wine urchins, abalone… Currently, Co To has built 2 brand “Co To squid” and “Ca Ruoi Co To”.


Fishing boats in Co To Island


With the right and positive ways of the tourism development, in 2013, the economic growth rate of Co To reached 15%, the average per capita income reached $1200/year. The percentage of district’s poor households reduced 0.79%. The lives of people were raised by the change of the industries’ proportion. Currently, the district has more than 800 rooms. To quarter II in this year, the number of accommodation in Co To Island has increased by 500 rooms, can accommodate 2000 tourists at the same time. In the first 6 months of this year, Co To has welcomed 42.800 arrivals, increasing 28% over the same period.

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