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Da Nang ranks in top 10 most advanced cities 2015

Fri, 27 Feb 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:00

The Richest has recently voted Top 10 most advanced cities in world to travel in 2015, in which Da Nang ranked 6th. The Richest evaluates that Da Nang will bring many interesting experiences, cultural identity and various cuisine to travelers.

Da Nang City is located along the central coastline of Vietnam with the population of about one million. Here, many specialized travel sites voted the city as the best tourist destination in 2015. The expansion and upgrading of Da Nang airport in 2011, the development of resorts and hotels along the coast and many international direct flights to Da Nang help travelers easily come here. In addition, cultural and culinary diversity, along with unique hotels bring enjoyable experiences to travelers. Earlier, the famous destination in Vietnam had many times of being named in lists of notable destinations voted by famous travel sites in recent years. With the new award, tourism in Da Nang will be contributed greatly in the New Year 2015.


Premier Village Da Nang Resort_Exterior


The Tourism forum of The New York Times (USA) chose Da Nang as one of 52 most attractive destinations in the world in 2015. The reason The New York Times selected Da Nang as the city of in central Vietnam has a long white sandy coastline. It is more beautiful and wonderful when you can enjoy Vietnamese sandwiches after swimming. Da Nang now has more than 1 million residents, tourist attractions in Da Nang and tourist services begin to develop and attract travelers since the new terminal of Da Nang International Airport was officially put into operation on December 15, 2011. Premier Village Danang Resort Village opened in 2014, lying on the route Son Tra - Dien Ngoc is designed with modern villas having views of lush green garden or sea view. Another interesting place is the A la Carte Hotel built along My Khe Beach. In particular, the hotel's rooftop has an infinity pool. The pool is quite small but special with extensive sea view. Here, travelers can sit and sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the oceanic breeze.


Han River Bridge


Tourism is one of important entertainment activities in one's spiritual life. Traveling not only helps spirit refresh and relax but also helps them more open-minded, understanding more about cultures around the world. However, not all places are attractive by their beautiful landscapes or having cheap travel expenses. Travelers choose a destination like choosing clothes to parties or to offices. Depending on the nature and travel needs, travelers can choose destinations that meet their requirements. The evaluation criteria are usually noticed in many tourist attractions including Beauty, landscapes, reasonable expenses, hospitable citizens, and civilizations... 10 cities in the list are Caceres (Spain), Adelaide (South Australia), Medellin (Colombia), Durban (South Africa), St. Kitts (West India), Da Nang (Vietnam), Milan (Italy), New Orleans (Louisiana, US), Montreal (Quebec, Canada), and Havana (Cuba).

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