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Vietnam Egg Coffee enchants foreign travelers

Thu, 13 Nov 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:55

In a list of “17 ways to drink café around the world” suggested by BuzzFeed, Vietnam Egg Coffee holds the first position. In recent years, Vietnam Egg Coffee has become a favorite and must-to-try drink of many foreign travelers when visiting the country.

Providing a vivid description for this special drink, the author of “17 ways to drink café around the world” wrote that: “Egg coffee for breakfast in Hanoi! Sounds very strange but a combination of egg yolks, condensed milk, sugar, butter and laughing cow cheese is whisked until fluffy and thick and served with hot coffee! Incredible rich taste- like a liquid tiramisu”. In the list, Coffee Egg Vietnam is respectively followed by other the world’s famous coffees such as Kaffeost (Finland), Kan Kohi (Japan), Café des épices (Morocco), Café Lagrim (Argentina), etc. Especially, Ca Phe Da Vietnam (Vietnam iced coffee) also has the presence in the list and takes the 17th position.


Vietnam egg coffee


Accordingly, Vietnam Egg Coffee firstly appeared in the early 20th century in Hanoi Capital. This leisurely drink was created by an owner of Café Giang (Hang Gai Street). It has been dais that the owner of Café Giang worked as a barman in Metropole Hotel during French colonial period. Taking the inspiration from Cappuccino, Giang created a new type of coffee from familiar ingredients including egg yolks, sugar, butter, cheese, and milk. This drink is known as Egg Coffee Vietnam as today. Vietnam Egg Coffee has the stronger flavors in comparison to its original version Cappuccino.


Vietnamese drinking coffee style


A formula to brew a cup of egg coffee is not overly complicated; however, it requires the sophistication and the adroitness. Bartenders have to choose fresh eggs to avoid unpleasant smell which make a coffee hard to drink. Besides, coffee used to make a tasty cup of egg coffee must be pure and have strong aroma. When cracking eggs, bartender will discard whites and only used yolks to blend it with condensed milk to create frothy top layer of the coffee. Then, bartender will add a tablespoon of brewed coffee and whisk it in. Then, in a clear coffee cup, bartender will pour brewed coffee and add the fluffy egg mixture on top. There are no special ingredients in the formula, nonetheless, very few coffee shops can successfully make this drink. Maybe a secret to make an excellent egg coffee is the portion of eggs, coffee, and milk.


cafe Giang


It is highly recommended that guests should sip coffee when it is still hot and steaming. When the cup is cold, it may be hard to drink because the unpleasant smell of eggs. First time enjoying a Vietnam Egg Coffee, at the first time, travelers may feel strange; however, when getting familiar with its taste, this may be the special Vietnamese flavors that visitors will not forget. Sitting in a Hanoi café in a windy day and sipping a cup of Vietnam coffee may be simple but memorable moments of any visitors travelling in the city. 

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