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Vietnamese culture promoted in Cultural Festival in Germany

Mon, 07 Jul 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

Vietnam has participated in Cultural Festival 2014 recently held in the Federal Republic of Germany to introduce and promote Vietnamese culture as well as Vietnam tourism to international friends worldwide.

The Cultural Festival 2014 has been held in Frankfurt with the participation of delegations representing 54 nations, ethnic groups, and cultural groups around the world. Taking part in this year festival, Vietnam delegation brought many unique and impressive repertoires by plenty of famous Vietnamese artists such as lion dancing performances of Vovinam dojo, folk dances, and traditional music. Especially, the three-kilometer parade of colorful floats decorated with flag, lotus, Vietnam maps which were printed on drums left deep impression on participants. The parade was led by 30 members of a Vietnamese folk dance group who pranced through the streets lion dancing and playing drums. Performances not only showed unique culture of Vietnam but also cleverly integrated topics of Vietnam’s sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands which has recently attracted attention worldwide. Vietnamese female artists wearing Ao Dai danced along the city streets at the gala with German men dressed in Vietnam’s traditional costumes, in praise of the homeland, love, and solidarity. Those special repertoires have conveyed to all international tourists the message that Vietnamese culture is truly rich and diverse and Vietnamese people are friendly and hospitable. 


Ao Dai Vietnam on Germany street


It was reported that plenty of visitors to this year festival commented that they were deeply impressed by Vietnamese people’s hospitability, their loves for peace and Vietnamese traditional cultural values. They also expressed their wishes to travel to Vietnam in the near future to explore the Eastern culture in general and Vietnamese culture in particular.


Vietnamese lion dance in the festival


Cultural Festival in Frankfurt am Main in Germany is held annually in June with the main program including a parade through many streets of representative delegations from countries participating in the festival, a special art program at the main stage on the bank of the Main River, a series of programs dedicated to children and a number of other sideline activities. At the end of the festival, the Organizing Committee will award those who are in possession of most creative contribution to the festival and troupes that have the best performances.


Vietnamese children in traditional costumes


Cultural Festival is an occasion for Frankfurt to show its diversity of cultures as an international city where people from around 180 countries around the world are living together. The prime aim of the festival is to honor the mutual respect, peaceful coexistence against discrimination and racism. According to the Organizing Committee, this year festival themed “Frankfurt City for everyone” has attracted thousands of local people as well as international tourists participating in.

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