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Vietnam Week celebrated in France

Wed, 11 Jun 2014. Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:01

In the scope of Vietnamese Year in France, the event “Vietnam Week” was opened on June 2nd in Seine-Saint-Denis. It was the first time the province held such a large-scale event exchanging culture between Vietnam and France.

In the opening ceremony on June 2nd, Vice President of Provincial Council of Seine-Saint-Denis, Mr. Jean Charles Nègre had a speech about cooperation and cultural exchange between Vietnam and France in the past years. He also emphasized the important meaning of Vietnam Week. Accordingly, Vietnam Week was celebrated on occasion of 40th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relation between two countries, 60th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Victory and 40th anniversary of signing Paris Agreement, a milestone marking the friendship between Vietnam and France. For years, the friendship of Vietnam and France has been a tightly close relationship which was established and developed during Vietnam War. Mr. Nègre appreciated achievements of projects implemented since 2006 between two localities Seine-Saint-Denis and Hai Duong Province in the fields of economic and cultural cooperation, medical assistance, and education and training.


Two Prime Ministers of Vietnam and France


 Mr. Duong Chi Dung, Vietnam Ambassador in France stated that the organization of Vietnam Weekin Seine-Saint-Denis was an activity showing the close friendship as well as the solidarity of Vietnam and France. This is not only a cultural event which helps people of two countries to have more opportunities to learn about culture of each nation but also an occasion for a further cohesion based on the traditional friendship. Previously, there are many events “French Week” held in provinces and cities throughout Vietnam. Thanks to such events, the Vietnamese show great interest in French culture and people. In return, Vietnam Embassy in France also desires to organize Vietnam Week in France as an event to exchange culture between two nations.


A piture of Vietnamese people by a French photographer


The event “Vietnam Week” was held from June 2nd to 8th with several attractive activities such as photo exhibitions, movie and play premieres, water puppet show, martial arts performances and cuisine introduction. Those activities are imbued with cultural features of Vietnam. Through photo exhibitions and movie premieres, the history of Vietnam and daily lives of Vietnamese are recreated truthfully, giving participants a chance to learn more about Vietnamese society in the past as well as nowadays. Especially on this occasion, the documentary about Vietnam named “secret negotiations” by a French director Daniel Roussel will be broadcasted to French audiences and Vietnamese in France for the first time. In addition, the exhibition named “France – Vietnam: diplomatic relations since 1954 until now” also promises to attract visitors.

“Vietnam Week” in the framework of “Vietnamese Year in France” is an important event aiming to introduce French public as well as international tourists in France about the history of diplomatic relation between two countries, simultaneously, to promote rich Vietnamese culture worldwide. The event also actively contributes to strengthening the friendly relation between Vietnam and France in the near future.

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