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Vietnamese culture exhibition in Amsterdam

Thu, 02 Oct 2014. Last updated Fri, 08 May 2015 13:24

In the framework of “Vietnam Days in Netherlands 2014”, Vietnam culture exhibition taking place from September 24th to 26th was an important highlight to promote images of Vietnamese culture to the Netherlands.

The exhibition has brought a Vietnamese cultural space with the combination between areas of installation art, folk music show photo exhibitions, and traditional food stalls. The photo exhibition introducing about Red River Delta, Mekong Delta, Central Highlands, and world heritages recognized by UNESCO such as Halong Bay, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, My Son Holy Land,… has attracted the attention of a large number of visitors. Local’s lives, sceneries in rural areas in 3 regions and well-known destinations in Vietnam have been expressed in a true and vivid way under the photographic perspective, which helps international visitors learn more about cultural features and daily life in Vietnam.

Also in this area, a huge number of Netherlands and international friends had the opportunity to admire booths displaying traditional handicrafts and ceramics with delicate decorations that are meticulously designed by talented hands of Vietnamese artisans. In addition, visitors were introduced about some of the unique art forms in Vietnam such as Dong Ho folk paintings and calligraphy art.

Vietnamese culture promoted in Netherlands

 At the exhibition, the corner showcasing publications on politics, economy, society, culture in Vietnam and Vietnam tourism were formally arranged and decorated. Especially, the cuisine area with tens of food stalls brought to the exhibition a unique characteristic. It is that participants might enjoy Pho (Vietnamese rice noodle), the most popular food of Vietnam honored by several prestigious travel websites and magazines around the world, made by professional chefs from Vietnam. In order to promote strongly Vietnamese agricultural products, the exhibition also devoted a considerable space to displaying plenty of typical products like cocoa, cashew, and coffee in the form of “trying and tasting”. On the main stage of the exhibition, art performances by troupes of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism was held with a large number of repertoires of Quan ho singing (a Vietnamese folk music style in which alternating groups of female and male singers issuing musical challenges and responses), folk music, musical instrument performances, traditional fashion shows which helped Dutch visitors and international friends learn more about ethnic art and cultural identity of Vietnam.

Vietnam Space Exhibition in Amsterdam Netherlands

Vietnam Space Exhibition in Amsterdam has received positive responses and left deep impression on the public. The exhibition had an important contribution to the success of the event “Vietnam Days in Netherlands 2014”, thereby tightening the relationship between the two countries in all fields. Vietnam Space Exhibition in Amsterdam with diverse content not only brought to Dutch and international friends overviews of the country, people and culture of Vietnam but also helped promote Vietnam tourism. 

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