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Wish another trip to Dalat

Wed, 30 Jul 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:57

I had travelled a lot of beautiful landscapes, however, there was no place leaving me an enduring attachment until I visited Dalat. Actually, I feel quite nostalgia for a trip to Dalat I made in the previous summer.

In the eyes of many local and international tourists, Dalat is a flowery city with a variety of flowers such as rose, peach blossom, mimosa, wild sunflowers and so on. Thanks to the favorable weather, Dalat is an ideal place to grow flowers and also to develop agricultural products like fruits, vegetables and so on. For the other ones, they are impressed by some attractions in Dalat like the Valley of Love, Elephant Falls, Bao Dai Palace, and Linh Phuoc Pagoda. However, Dalat in my heart has other spectacular things that I cannot find in other lands. For me, Dalat is simply a place to slowly live and enjoy some stuff things.

Dalat night

Although Dalat City is one of well-known destinations in Vietnam, it is not a noisy and hectic like other tourism cities. On the other hand, this land has incredibly peaceful beauty. The peace is expressed not only in every street, every corner but also in facial expressions of people in Dalat. Hence, the beautiful land is an ideal place for anyone who wants to find a quiet place to rest or escape from all stress things in their life for some time. You can enjoy the slow pace of life by walking around Ho Xuan Huong Lake and drinking a cup of coffee in one street stall.

Xuan Huong Lake, view from Ngoc Lan hotel

Xuan Huong Lake is known as the heart of Dalat.  With the length of 5 kilometers, wandering around Ho Xuan Huong Lake is not an impossible thing. I chose to visit the Lake on foot instead of using a motorbike or a stagecoach because I wanted to carefully admire and observe landscapes surrounding the Lake for a long time. At 5am in one morning, I started my journey. The first thing I felt was the fresh and peaceful atmosphere. I felt a little bit cold, but I was still so exciting with this experience. I immersed myself in the flow of people walking here and observed the radiant and blissful faces of Dalat citizens. For a moment, I came up with a thought only Dalat people had this leisurely appearance which made them quite different from citizens of other tourist cities. Ho Xuan Huong in the morning had a stunning beauty. I saw the sun gradually rose behind the pines of Cu Hill. My new day began with an extremely relaxed mood. I predicted it would be a perfect day.

Golden Valley in the morning fog

Strolling for a while, I chose a street vendor to drink coffee. Although there are many luxurious and beautiful cafes here, I loved the feeling of sitting on pavements and chatting with Dalat people. This kind of café is very simple with some plastic chairs for tourists to sit. I called for myself a cup of hot coffee with milk – my most favorable drink in Dalat. It was very delicious. And it is more special if you enjoy it in the early morning. The aromatic smell of coffee mingled with the sweet taste of the milk made me think that it may be the most relaxing thing that I have done. Dalat in my heat is not something luxurious and flashy. For me, Dalat is attractive because of the simple things and radiant residents. 

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