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Dalat unforgettable memories - Part I

Tue, 15 Jul 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:55

Dalat has been famous for a dreaming and romantic city. Once spending your trip in Dalat, you will find out unforgettable experiences about charming natural landscapes and hospitable citizens here.

We have lately had a truly meaningful tour of Dalat. At that time, even though it was quite late, we also tried to catch a ride to the hotel that we have booked before. Unfortunately, when we arrived, everything was all closed, not only the hotel but whole streets as well. We tried ringing the hotel door, and a woman came out to say that they had no room anymore and we could hardly find any hotels in the city at that time. However, we went around and tried to ask all stores on the street with the hope that there was a room available. Fortunately, there was a woman observing and inviting us to her hotel. She said that we could stay in the reception area because they really were not any rooms available. That seemed to be the best choice at the moment we are, so we readily agreed. Then she gave us a nice thick mattress, along with blankets and pillows. Interestingly, we had a sweet sleep right in the living room.

Truc Lam Temple

The next morning, we rented a motorbike and started our trip to Dalat with Valley of Love, an old amusement suggested by Lonely Planet. It was actually a lovely park with many fun games for kids. It would be a interesting experience when you took a boat on the lake and admired the panorama of the forest surrounding. We sat in a hammock in a few hours here, just to nap, read our favorite books and contemplate landscapes. 

Valley of Love in Dalat

In the afternoon, we drove to an artificial lake and then visited a beautiful temple, situated on a hill overlooking the lake. It seemed that there were many artificial lakes around Dalat, maybe a product of the project building dams in the highland. Temples here were very beautiful, which was far different from temples we had seen in Thailand and Cambodia. Additionally, there was a beautiful garden in the temple, decorated by flowers and many dramatic sculptures. It was a quiet and pretty place we really did not want to leave it; however, these temples were closed quite soon.

In the Dalat flower park

On the second day, we rented a motorbike to another temple in outskirts of the Dalat city. This temple owned 8 floors and a bell tower weighing 2.5 tons with a diameter of about 2 meters. You would comfortably allow writing your wishes on a piece of paper, hung it on the bell and hit 3 times to attract the attention of Buddha. This temple was fairly sizeable with the outside Buddha statue’s height of 10 meters; all was decorated with dried flowers looking extremely impressive.

Dalat City at night

After visiting the temple, we continued our Dalat travel to go to a silk factory and witnessed the process of making silk. Whole process started from eggs of silkworms. After these eggs hatched, they ate lots of leaves and silkworms rapidly grew within 8 weeks. After 8 weeks when silkworms started to make cocoons, workers would spin silk from the silkworm's mouth and continued to do this work within a few days. These pieces of silk harvested would be put into the machine to weave into the fabric ready for sewing clothes. It took about 5000 silkworms to be able to produce one kilogram of silk, hence I guessed that making a silk scarf might kill about 1,000 silkworms. Therefore, it would be worth to cherish when you get any silk scarf as a gift. Through our travel to Dalat, we had opportunity to admire fascinating landscapes together with interestingly experiencing. We love Dalat in particular and Vietnam in general because it is a beautiful destination and still hides many appealing things to explore.

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