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The melody of Hanoi streets

Sat, 28 Jun 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:57

In the eyes of some people, Hanoi is one of favorable destinations in Vietnam because of special cuisine, stunning landscapes or something specific. However, to me, this land is attractive just because of the melody of Hanoi streets.

The first day I arrived in Hanoi, I felt nothing except from the sweltering atmosphere in the summer and chaotic sounds of vehicles. After a long flight, I felt pretty tired and could breathe because of the overcrowding. Before arriving in Hanoi, I have heard from some of my friends about how special and beautiful Hanoi was, therefore I felt a little bit disappointed. However, I found myself totally wrong after living in Hanoi for two years. My Hanoi is full of beautiful melodies of streets which make this land special from other places. And maybe if one day I leave Hanoi, the most memorable thing to me is Hanoi street melody.

Traffic in Hanoi

The first time I set food in Hanoi, I was overwhelmed by the crowed and a little bit chaotic streets. There were so many vehicles, especially, motorcycles, the main vehicles of Vietnamese people, moving on the roads with very loud whistles.  In addition, every corner of Hanoi streets is all chaotic. Sidewalks are occupied by vehicles, small shops, and street vendors and so on.  I also met problems once crossing over the streets.

Park- place for morning exercises

 Nonetheless, staying in this place for a couple of days, I have a completely different about Hanoi. In fact, although everything in Hanoi seems so chaotic, it is actually quite systematic in a particular way of Hanoi style. The streets are often crowded and messy, but Hanoi people run their vehicle by skillful and artistic way, therefore, they still do not collide with others. You may be surprised about this fact. And what’s more, after three months living here, I bought a motorbike and tried operating it as a Hanoi citizen. It was very exciting and dangerous experience at the first time. However, now i can run the motorcycle very skillful to go to work and other places. I love the feeling when operating the vehicle to immerse in the flow of people on the streets. The lousy noise of whistles is a part of my life.

Hanoi at night

Hanoi nightlife is quite different from the noisy and crowded Hanoi in daytime.  In the peaceful and quiet atmosphere, the cries of peddlers to sell some stuffs make Hanoi become more mysterious and gentler under the lights. These peddler’s cries such as “Ai ngo nuong day” or “Ai khoai nuong day” (it means is there anyone who want to buy baked yam or corn) have a very special melody. In addition, Hanoi street food is sold by these peddlers is quite delicious and have a distinct taste. You can buy a bowl of Tao Pho (a iced soup made from green bean) and enjoy it to reduce the hot heat in one summer morning. Or you can buy some baked yam if you still do have a dinner in the late evening. With the sound of exercise music emanating from parks, horns honking, dogs barking, peddler’s cries and other sounds from daily activities, Hanoi has both traditional and modern beauty.

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