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Dalat autumn melody invites tourists

Tue, 09 Sep 2014. Last updated Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:49

Dalat has long been a fascinating destination for those who love tranquil and romantic beauty. Visiting Dalat autumn, tourists will experience the gentle and soothing pace of life, separating from the hustle and bustle of the noisy urbans.

Each season in Dalat city retains a unique and particular beauty; apparently, only when touching the autumn, the wonderful land just becomes engaging and much more romantic than ever. All of the hillsides or steep mountains have been fully covered with colorful flowers and evergreen pine forests. This is the best time to visit Dalat.

Located about 320km from Saigon to to the west, with an elevation of 1,500 meters above sea level, Dalat used to be regarded as "A Little Paris" of Europe in the French colonial period. Different from the severe sun and wind in Central or the tropical climate in South, the city of "thousands of flowers" retains the temperate climate year-round. What could be much more wonderful than being able to escape the heat in Saigon to immerse a peaceful Dalat. In particular, the weather in Dalat is only cold a little bit with the soothing sunshine, which is extremely suitable for leisure and relaxation. Aditionally, it would be appropriate if tourists go cycling or walking around the city of love. The pace of life here seems zephyr-like and gentle by vague slight winds in the autumn. Just slowly moving, tourists feel all "flavours" of the autumn surrounding. Dalat has long been inherently an appealing destination in Vietnam travel attracting the great number of domestic and international tourists. From the unique architecture to the dreaming natural and delicious specialties, Dalat always leave a strong impression to tourists who participate in Vietnam tours.

Nam Phan Restaurant, Da Lat

Taking part in any Vietnam tour packages to Dalat, tourists should not miss Xuan Huong Lake. It is unofficially considered as a symbol of the "city of Eternal Spring", a beautiful artificial lake located right in the heart of Dalat City. The lake is covered by a cool evergreen of pine forests, charming lawn, and colorful gardens. In the fall, the surface is extremely clear and calm like a mirror reflecting wonderful scenery around. With a circumference of about 5km, 25 hectares wide, the crescent moon-shaped lake stretches over 7 kilometers passing through numerous famous attractions in Dalat, such as Dalat Flower Garden, Yersin Park, Cu Hill... Early morning and sunset is actually the best time to admire Xuan Huong Lake thanks to the gentle wind and airy space spreading all over the lake. It has also become an ideal rendezvous for numerous couples, friends, or families.

Flower Garden in Bao Dai Palace

Along with Xuan Huong Lake, Tuyen Lam Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Dalat City is also the "must-see" sight in Dalat umtumn. Covering an area of about 320ha, far about 7km from the city centre, the lake is located adjacent Phung Hoang (Phoenix) Mountain and Truc Lam Zen Monastery. It is considered as complex concentrating beautiful scenery and diverse tourism services in Dalat. Tuyen Lam Lake is one of 21 tourist areas reaching national stature in Vietnam. It still retains numerous small oases and has been sheltered by the vast pine forests. In particular, when it gradually becomes cold, the smog gently diffusing all over the surface of the lake, and condensing on the evergreen pine forests makes any tourists feel incredibly fluttery as having escaped from daily concerns. Thanks to the picturesque scenery with lush greenery, the immense pine forests, it becomes an enchanting tourist destination worth setting foot on.

Truc Lam Temple

The nature favourably bestows on Dalat the moderate climate, making it a heaven for numerous species of flowers. Dalat always ties with the diverse colours year-round. All of paths to the city are full of colourful flowers. Autumn is the season of mimosa and wild sunflowers. Though not owning such gorgeous beauty like other flowers, these flowers are equally bewitching thanks to the glamorous golden. Yet none in Dalat known exactly when the wild sunflowers and mimosa has been considered as a symbol of ulterior love and beauty of the humility. Mimosa flowering season is also the peak tourist season of Dalat. Tourists to the beautiful city even just to admire the bright yellow flower clusters standing out on the white spindly foliages. As a wild species, only growing in the forest or along the roadsides, mimosa is one of the indispensable symbols of Dalat.

Xuan Huong Lake, view from Ngoc Lan hotel

There are numerous beautiful names to refer the poetic city, such as “City of Flowers”, “City of Love”, or dreaming city... Nature and Dalat people have long gone into the fully poetic artworks. Only when setting foot in here, tourists have a chance to profoundly admire the highland bringing much its love and legend. Dalat autumn thus strongly lure both domestic and foreign tourists.

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