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Explore Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang

Fri, 19 Sep 2014 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:49

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Nha Trang is famous for its beautiful scenery, clear blue sea along with many famous scenic spots, especially Hon Tre. With a fairly isolated location, Hon Tre Island owns beautiful natural beaches, the pristine vegetation and temperate climate.

Nha Trang is a land of blue sea, white sand and paradise resort. Dubbed as Mediterranean of Vietnam and being a member in the club of the world's most beautiful bays, Nha Trang Bay itself bears the charm. With an area of ​​approximately 507 square kilometers, year-round peaceful sea, harmonious climate, warm sunny, fresh environment, and particularly Nha Trang Bay owns most of the ecosystems from estuarine ecosystems, wetlands, mangrove forests, coastal sandy beaches to sea grass beds, coral reefs. The bay includes 19 large and small islands with beautiful and famous landscapes attracting domestic and international tourists. During the journey to Nha Trang, tourists will have the chance to explore one of the romantic islands of this beautiful bay.

With 32.5 square kilometers area, Hon Tre Island is the largest island in the bay of Nha Trang. Hon Tre is located about 5 kilometers far from the Nha Trang city center to the east, fairly isolated location in the sheltered area, wonderful natural landscapes, fresh air along with the most romantic beaches in Vietnam. To arrive at Hon Tre, tourists can go by boat, canoe or cable system. It takes about 10 minutes to go to Hon Tre by canoe, however, for those who want to contemplate panoramic view of Nha Trang city with stretching white sandy beaches and the stunning beauty of the sea and island from above, the cable cab is the most ideal choice.

With the length of 3320 meters, this is regarded as the world longest cable on the sea. The entire length of the cable is supported by 9 massive pillars having the shape of charming and luxurious Eiffel tower. When the night falls, these pillars become highlights with laser lighting system and decorative lights that create the shimmering and magical space here. In addition to experiencing the relaxing moments at luxury resorts in Hon Tre, most tourists coming here cannot miss Vinperland, the modern amusement park with full different types of games.

For those who want to challenge the courage can come to the outdoor amusement area of Vinpearland. It will be really pity if you come here without experiencing the adventurous games here such as cable-stayed ferris wheel, pirate boat game, high speed glider. With game of glider, tourists not only get to experience strong feeling but also admire the wonderful scenery of the jade island. This may be the most exciting game of any tourists when coming here. The indoor amusement area is a colorful world with lots of electronic games from hilarious to dramatic. This is the paradise of game for children. Entering the amusement area, surely everyone wants to once experience a few amusements here. Vinpearland has its own dedicated area for the shopping needs of the visitors.

After moments of exciting play, tourists can relax in the colorful ocean world. This is a fascinating attraction that will satisfy those who prefer to explore the sea. The aquarium is a two-storey building located in the heart of rockery. The modern water system was built to carry directly water from Nha Trang Bay to here in order to create a closed and safe nurturing environment. Besides, the artificial environment under the sea has been brought an ideal shelter for creatures, while creating an exciting space appealing the curiosity of tourists. The whole aquarium has an area of 3400 square meters. This is home to 300 rare creatures imported from countries around the world. They are divided and sorted according to each different climate as the Northern Asian aquatic organism area, Southern Asia, Amazon… In each area, tourists can admire the typical creatures with distinct colors and shapes. Tourists will experience from surprise to another surprise in turn before the gentle and stunning beauty of the ocean world. If the kids have been listened to or watched movies on the fairy tale about mermaids, here they will witness mermaids in real life that certainly brings extremely exciting emotions for the children.

Vinpearland always attracts tourists with passionate actions. Come to this water park of Vinpearland, tourists can indulge with stretching white sandy beaches or participate in sport activities at sea. However the most unique feature attracting tourists to the water park are adventure games. This can be considered the first and only park on freshwater beach in Vietnam. The modern games will bring exciting moments for tourists. With the falling speed of 60km/h from a height of 21m, freefall is a challenging game of visitors’ courage; adventure with a weightless state would be a nervous but very excited feeling. Black universal hole with 19 meter long is enough to stimulate anyone who has a passion for adventure.



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