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Ban Gioc Waterfall listed in top world amazing waterfalls

Fri, 22 May 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:07

The WonderList has voted Ban Gioc Waterfall in Vietnam as one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world by its wonderful beauty. Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang, Vietnam has been one of the most visited tourist sites in tours from Hanoi to the northeast.

In the list of the most beautiful and amazing waterfalls in the world published by WonderList, there is the name of Ban Gioc Waterfall Vietnam. Apart from Ban Gioc Waterfall, other amazing waterfalls are named in the list, including Victoria Waterfall (Zimbabwe and Zambia), Ventisquero Waterfall (Chile), Pearl Shoal Waterfall (China), Sutherland Waterfall (New Zealand), Niagara Waterfall (Canada), Palouse Waterfall (US), Angle Waterfall (Venezuela), Iguazu Waterfall (Brazil and Argentina), and Kaieteur Waterfall (Guyana)...


Ban Gioc - Detian Falls seen from China


Ban Gioc Waterfalls is regarded as the biggest waterfall in South East Asia, and the fourth biggest natural waterfall in the world located on a national border line. Ban Goc Waterfall, also known as Ban Gioc–Detian Falls, is situated in Dam Thu Commune in Trung Khanh District, about 90km from Cao Bang Province in Vietnam. The road leading to Ban Gioc Waterfall is crooked and winding with narrow turning point. The atmosphere here is very fresh with countryside landscapes. The waterfall is described as a white silk amid the jungle. Ban Gioc Waterfall is divided into two main part (lower waterfall, and higher waterfall). The lower waterfall looking like a soft white silk cloth is 100m wide, 70m high, and 60m deep. The higher waterfall has less water and often parches in dry season.


Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang


The time to enjoy a Ban Gioc Waterfall tour is from June to October. During the time, the landscapes here look like a picture with beautiful yellow ripe paddy fields. About 20km from Trung Khanh center to the northeast, Ban Gioc Waterfall is a natural border between Vietnam and China. With the width of 208m and the height of about 70m, Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls on border line in the world, ranking 4th, after Niagara Waterfall between Canada and US, Victoria Waterfall between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and Iguazu Waterfall between Brazil and Argentina.


Ban Gioc Falls in dry season


Ban Gioc Waterfall is seen as one of the most precious gift bestowed by The Nature to Cao Bang, Vietnam. It is one of the most outstanding waterfalls in Vietnam. Below the waterfall is Quay Son River with turquoise waters. The river bank has a poetic and fresh scenery with lush green vegetation and azure skies. On the other side of the river is the neighboring country - China. In summer days, the atmosphere here is very cool. In the morning, that the sunlight shines through the water steam creates a wonderful rainbow. Below the waterfall's foot is the flat-like-mirror surface water. The river bank is portrayed by lush green paddy fields and serene scenery. Ban Gioc Waterfall also creates many aspirations for artists to create outstanding works of art. Along with majestic mountains and rivers, Ban Gioc Waterfall has been well-known as one of appealing attractions in Cao Bang.


Ban Gioc Waterfalls in Cao Bang, Vietnam


From the height of over 30m, waters fall over many levels of limestone. In the middle of waterfall, there is a large stone block dividing the waterfall into three "white silk cloths". Next to Ban Gioc Waterfall is Nguom Ngao Cave of 3km long. The cave is seen as one of beautiful caves in Vietnam. Along with the striking natural landscapes of mountains, rivers, and amazing caves nearby, Ban Gioc Waterfall is not just an attractive tourist site, but also a great hydroelectric source in Cao Bang in the future. The weather in Ban Gioc is portrayed by the moderate climate. There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. The average temperature in summer is 25-28 degree Celsius; in winter is 16-17 degree Celsius. Sometimes, there is snow in winter. From Hanoi, tourists travel on National Route 3 to Cao Bang, about 272km. From Cao Bang Town, they keep traveling to Trung Khanh District - about 65km. Ban Gioc Waterfall is about 20km to the northeast of Trung Khanh. The only way to get there is by car, or coach. It takes about 9 hours.

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