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Van Phuc Silk Village Culture and Tourism Week 2014

Thu, 18 Sep 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:49

On September 17th, “Van Phuc Silk Village Culture and Tourism Week 2014” was officially opened by Vietnam Craft Village Association. The festival aims to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Capital’s Liberation Day.

Van Phuc Silk is well known during the past 1000 years for the smooth, its complicated pattern and rich designs. In the past, this kind of silk was only selected for sewing royal mantes for Kings of Nguyen Dynasty. At Paris Fair in 1932, Van Phuc Silk was praised as the most sophisticated product in Indochina. Nowadays, with experiences of traditional silk weaving, skillful hands and creativity, artisans in Van Phuc Silk Village have made amazing popular kinds of silk such as Van, Sa, Que, Lua,… Those have beautiful floral patterns and rich designs that are appreciated by consumers across the country as well as international tourists. There are thousands of both domestic and international tourists visiting here annually to go shopping at this traditional craft village.  


Van Phuc Silk


Van Phuc is one of the most famous Vietnam craft villages. Up to now, there are 270 households still keeping silk weaving. It is estimated that in the first six months of 2014, the output of those households is about 770 thousands meters of silk. There are currently 150 stores selling silk and products made from silk, of which nearly 100 stores are located on Silk Street. Particularly, in the first six months of this year, the revenue from production and trade of silk has reached VND 30.8 billion, equal to $ 1.5 million, accounting for 60% total revenue from all business activities of the ward.


Tourists to Van Phuc Silk Village


On this occasion, Vietnam Craft Village Association in collaboration with the Center for Conservation Research and Development of National Culture and People’s Committee of Van Phuc Ward has held the launching ceremony of exhibition area of traditional products of Van Phuc Silk Village. According to the Party Secretary of Van Phuc Ward, Mr. Do Van Loi, this is an annual activity to inspire the love and the gratitude of local people to the ancestors who founded the village and created this traditional silk industry. Simultaneously, it is a great opportunity to promote tourism of Van Phuc Village to a numerous number of domestic and international tourists.


Van Phuc Silk Village - Street selling silk


Van Phuc Village is formerly known as Van Bao. Due to having the same name with a king of Nguyen Dynasty, the village has been changed to Van Phuc like nowadays. According to legend, 1100 years ago, Ms. La Thi Nuong, the wife of Giao Chi Chinese governor, lived here and taught local people how to weave silk. After her death, she was acclaimed as the Goddess of the village. In 2011, Van Phuc Silk was award “Gold Thang Long Brand”. In November 2013, Van Phuc Silk Village was listed in the top 7 typical traditional villages in Hanoi to be preserved. 

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