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Da Nang Flower Street opens to welcome visitors

Fri, 13 Feb 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:00

On February 9th, Da Nang Flower Street 2015 was officially opened for visitors to visit and admire colorful flowers. With a theme of "Da Nang - Brilliant Colors in Spring", the Flower Street promises to bring visitors unique experiences on Tet Holiday.

Da Nang Spring Flower Street Festival is held in Bach Dang Street, therefore, it was also named as Bach Dang Spring Flower Street by local citizens. This year, the flower street is designed with 6 big sceneries. Each scenery is decorated on a certain subject including Mascot, Traditional Village, Rainbow in Bloom, Spring Framework, Goat Horn Gate and Spring Garden. The flower street's design is inspired from an idea of creating a close space which is familiar to daily life of residents. Besides, the street will be ornamented with symbols of Tet Holiday to express the flow from the past to the present and to the future.  With this design, it is expected that visitors can feel the blissful and cheerful atmosphere of traditional Lunar New Year.


Bach Dang Flower Street, Da Nang City


Accordingly, the highlight of Bach Dang Spring Flower Street in this year is the first scenery with an image of goat family - a mascot of 2015. Goat Family is meticulously designed by multidimensional and folded pieces in a variety of shape in miniatures of Marble Mountain. It have been said that the image of mascot will create a dynamic and strong beauty for this youthful and dynamic tourist city in Vietnam.  Besides, to create diverse perspectives for the Mascot Scenery, there will be a bridge crossing colorful flower background. The second scenery - Traditional Village will be a space to display typical and traditional images of Tet holiday such as green Chung Cake, red couplets with good wishes, ornamented tree (apricot tree, peach blossom, kumquat tree). The exhibition of these familiar things in the Flower Street aims to remind people that the development always bring into life the modernization and civilization, nonetheless, traditional values still are important and meaningful things  reminding people their roots and ancestors.  Traditional Village Scenery is created to state that traditional value will be the foundation for the sustainable development.


First scenery - Goat Family in Da Nang Flower Street


The third scenery is on a theme of Spring Framework. This scenery carries a meaning of family's happiness in Spring days. The big picture frames are meticulously ornamented with colorful flowers creating blissful and cheerful ambiance in spring. This is ideal place for taking photos to save happy moments of families, couples, friends... Spring is the time when almost types of flowers in bloom. To make Spring 2015 become more eye-catching, Scenery 4 with a subject Rainbow in Bloom will be created expressing the hope of lucky and successful year. The fifth scenery which is known as Goat Horn Gate is decorated with a pair of goat horn in the main gate.  Finally, the last scenery is called Spring Garden which is specially designed for children. The Spring Garden is eye-catching and looks like a garden in Alice in Wonderland with colorful flowers, beautiful butterflies, birds...


Model of Scenery 4 - Rainbow in Bloom


The new feature of Da Nang Spring Flower Street 2015 is the appearance of lighting area. This area will be main stage for activities and performances to welcome Lunar New Year. The lighting area will be decorated of a subject of Lighting Garden with three sections including 360 Beer Garden, Lighting Tunnel, and Photo Corner. 360 Beer Garden will consist of 5 towels and 3 circles to create a surrounding matrix. 360 Beer Garden is considered as the highlight of Lighting Garden. This area will be ornamented by LED lights with 3 main colors including green, yellow, and white. Lighting Tunnel will connect tunnel with decorative area. This scenery will also be decorated with LED lights. Photo Corner will be designed to become a stunning photo frame creating beautiful space for visitors to go sightseeing and take picture. Lighting Garden is a not-to-be-missed place of Bach Dang Flower Street on New Year Eve because in this area, lighting and music performance will take place here.


Da Nang leaders took a photo in the flower street


Ms. Chu Khanh Huong, General Director of Vietmart Media - an unit taking responsibility in designing Flower Street said that the dominant color of Bach Dang Flower Street this year was yellow, which represented for the prosperity and warmth. There are approximately 20,000 basket of flowers from 50 different types will be used to ornament the Flower Street, in which, daisy is dominant. Daisy is supplied by farmers in Da Nang City. Accordingly, Bach Dang Flower Street has the total investment capital of over 5,000 billion VND. The Flower Street is freely open to welcome visitors from February 9th to 28th.

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