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Chan May Port welcomes 34000 tourists to Hue in 2014

Sat, 20 Sep 2014. Last updated Fri, 08 May 2015 13:14

According to the Hue Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, by the middle of September 2014, there are 34,000 tourists from all around the world getting to Chan May Port to start their visits in Hue.

It is estimated that the number of tourists docking in Chan May in the first 9 months in 2014 is nearly equal to the total number of tourists in 2013. Celebrity Millennium cruise of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has organized 2 voyages from the US to Chan May Port, bringing over 5,200 tourists and crews to visit Hue. It is also the cruise carrying the largest number of tourists docking in Chan May Port in 2014. As planned, Celebrity Millennium will have 8 voyages to Chan May this year.

International ship to Chan May Port - Hue

To exploit fully the tourism potentials of Chan May Port and develop it into an attraction “Safe, Friendly and High-quality”, Hue city is coordinating with related agencies to complete documents submitted to the government for the aim of planning Chan May as a port in possession of infrastructure of international standards. Initially, Hue City will continue investing and implementing services that meet entertaining demands of tourists; simultaneously, enhance programs promoting tourism products and cruises at tourism fairs in Vietnam and in foreign countries to attract and increase the length of stay of tourists docked in Chan May.

Earlier, in the Conference of Development Strategies in Cruise Industry on the occasion of Hue Festival 2014, Royal Caribbean confirmed to carry out projects developing infrastructures in Chan May Port. Expectedly, from January 1st 2015, Royal Caribbean will enhance voyages to Hue and the number of tourists will reach 25,000 a year. It is considered as an initial step in developing tourism cruise industry in Chan May Port.

Citadel City of Hue

Chan May Port is one of 46 ports that are selected by Asia Cruise Association (ACA) to build stops for cruises in Southeast Asia. It is the main port connecting Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong. In addition, Chan May Port is located in the center of Vietnam, between the two largest cities in the Central Vietnam (Hue and Da Nang), in the key tourist area of the country (Canh Duong – Lang Co Bay – Hai Van Pass – Bach Ma National Park), and in national tourism urban area (Hue City). On the other hand, Chan May Port is the gateway nearest and most favorable toward the East Sea for provinces and cities in the East - West Economic Corridor (the place to connect the Central Vietnam with Laos, Northeast Thailand and Myanmar). Currently, Chan May has a berth 420 meters in length, 12.5 meters in depth, possible for a ship of 30,000 DWT or a cruise of 3,000 tourists. With all aforementioned favorable conditions, Chan May Port is not only a charming attraction in Hue but also a potential place to develop into a specialized tourism port.

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