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Hue Festival

Fri, 27 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:45

Hue Festival is worth one of the most marvelous festivals in Vietnam with excellent performances from domestic and foreign art troupes. It plays an important role in promoting beautiful images and potentials of ancient capital land over the world.

Hue Festival is an international cultural event organized every two years to honor precious cultural heritages of Hue.

The original name of Hue Festival nowadays was Vietnamese - French Festival which was held in 1992. This name had been maintained until 2000 before renaming Hue Festival. As one of major festivals in Vietnam, Hue Festival with many community event programs reconstructed in a large space both inside and outside Hue city contributes to revive values ​​of Hue culture. The festival is a convergence of typical and specific art programs of the culture and ancient capital cities in Vietnam, introduces the art of Hue royal court music and unique folk songs in Hue, and presents excellent traditional and contemporary art programs of nations over the world. All of them take place every night on theaters at Citadel, An Dinh Palace and outside theaters throughout towns and remote areas of Thua Thien Hue province. Additionally, many excellent art programs: the Royal Palace Night, Nam Giao worshiping ceremony, Truyen Lo ceremony, the cult of honor, “ao dai” festival, sea festive...are also sophisticatedly invested to serve both domestic and foreign tourists.


Colorful opening ceremony in Hue Festival


Hue Festival continues to reproduce many unique royal festivities. Along with  exhibitions, performances, Hue Kite competition, calligraphy, art installation activities, street music and fine art, scientific conferences, international trade fairs, sport activities, culinary, tours, travel routes…, a large number of rich and diverse cultural activities continuously take place with the participation of many artists, actors and the public...Additionally, Hue City also re-organize many traditional festivals and recover many traditional craft villages..., creating its fairly well own mark and contributing much richer for the land of ancient capital. These activities are expected to attract tourists and the public both day and night time.


A royal court music performance in Hue Festival


Over the preparation and organization, Hue Festival has made significant achievements. Over 6 time organizing, Hue Festival 2010 attracted nearly 70 art units with 1906 performers, musicians, painters, and photographers from all over Vietnam and 27 foreign countries. That festival attracted more than 3 million visitors participating in festival activities. In addition, the number of visitors to Hue relics during days of the festival is about 83,299, of which the number of international visitors is more than 30,000. Next, Hue Festival 2012 concentrated more than 65 units from Vietnam and regions around the world, attracting more than 180,000 tourists, in which international visitors account for more than 80,000 persons, up 54.2% compared with the festival held in 2010. With 189 performances on 29 stages and over 60 sideline activities, the total number of tickets and invitations was over 50,000 tickets. Following the success of previous festivals, 66 art troupes from 37 countries gave Hue Festival 2014 excellent traditional and contemporary repertoires. The 8th festival attracted 2.4 million attendees with more than 230,000 guests stayed in hotels, motels, which increased 25% compared with Hue Festival 2012.


Hue Festival 2014 Opening Ceremony


Art performances in Hue festival clearly draw attention to cultural nuances of continents coming from many countries and regions all over the world: France, China, England, Italy, Spain, USA, South Korea, Brazil...along with the participation of friendly cities, provinces, and regions twinned with Thua Thien Hue, such as Québec, Hawaii, Nord Pas de Calais, Poitou Charentes...The success of Hue Festival is the a strong motivation promoting the development of service - tourism, economy - society, bringing Hue City to be worthy city of Vietnam Festival.

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