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Vietnam Rice Festival

Fri, 27 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:45

Vietnam Rice Festival is a political, economic, cultural, social, and tourism event organized in a nation scale. It plays an important role to honor Vietnam farmers and Vietnamese rice brand to international market.

Vietnam Rice Festival is held every two years in one certain province in the country in which its thematic mainly talks about high quality rice varieties in Vietnam today. The festival was respectively held 2 times: the first in Hau Giang province in 2009 and the second in 2011 in Soc Trang province. Apart from honoring wet rice civilization, potentials and strengths of agricultural production, Vietnam Rice Festival aims to meet needs of the brand and quality, determine the position of the Vietnam domestic rice on the world map of food through many beneficial workshop programs.

Not only focusing on the festival part, according to organizers, this is an opportunity for partners, abroad customers, global rice organizations to learn about Vietnam rice, and all kinds of agricultural gears from time to time. Thereby, it contributes to expand trade exchange, and facilitate the export of rice in the future. As one of the most important rice festivals in Vietnam, along with the participation of provinces in Mekong Delta, the contribution of provinces in Central and North, Vietnam Rice Festival attracts a big number of units registering to participate in. In addition, 17 countries have agreed to take part in, such as India, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, and Germany...


Image of rice associated with Vietnam farmers


At the first festival held in Hau Giang (2009), 50 farmers from 34 provinces and cities nationwide were honored and recognized merit of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development thanks to creative rice production performances. These farmers had accessed advanced and modern science and technology to bring more benefits for the community. Many people recognized that the first Rice festival in Vietnam was a bridge to exchange concerns on agricultural production, procurement, storage, and process of rice; simultaneously, build the national rice trademark and effectively promote cultural activities as well...

The second Vietnam Rice Festival 2011 in Soc Trang attracted about 400,000 persons to visit and go shopping (equivalent the first Rice Festival). Notably, more than 1,000 delegates including Vietnam domestic and international scientists had attended three important workshops: "Determine Vietnam rice brand", "Vietnam – The way to develop high-quality rice", and "Bai Xau (Ba Xuyen) - Soc Trang: from the first international seaport to the future development". The participants proposed many significant solutions branding and enhancing Vietnam's rice value chain towards sustainable development...


Agimex introduces rice production process in Vietnam Rice Festival


During the festival, a series of cultural activities vibrantly takes place: introduction on wet rice civilization and national cultural identity; festival honoring Vietnam records on rice; culinary Festival; “Don ca tai tu” (traditional folk song) festival; Floating Market reappear...and workshops on investment promotion, export rice, and Vietnam rice. In particular, the festival will be attended by representatives of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Institute of International Rice Research. Representatives of many countries having rice trade relations with Vietnam will also introduce techniques of rice production, study on Vietnam wet rice, market and contract commerce.

Concurrently, Vietnam businesses also participating in festival build a strategy for sustainable development of rice-growing areas, support machinery for farmers associated with the application of advanced science and technology, and build Vietnam rice brand... Vietnam Rice Festival will provide an opportunity for changes and improvements in the production and process of rice, aiming to enhance the reputation and brand of Vietnam rice, increase its strong competition in the international market.

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