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Thai Nguyen International Tea Festival

Fri, 27 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:45

Thai Nguyen International Tea Festival is a great opportunity to further promote tea, tea products and Vietnam tea culture to the international customers; simultaneously, promote tea trade among participating countries.

Thai Nguyen International Tea Festival – Vietnam will be held to honor the tea, tea products and Vietnam tea culture; simultaneously, introduce and promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam, neighboring provinces, Thai Nguyen city and province as well. Through the festival, the host will further improve production efficiency for tea and tea products, and continue to affirm “best quality” tea brand for domestic and international tourists. Thai Nguyen International Tea Festival will take place with many excellent activities and programs on the sidelines in many different locations promisingly creating a lively and attractive atmosphere.


Girls in Thai Nguyen collect the gender tea leaves


Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in collaboration with the Provincial People's Committee of Thai Nguyen will be Organization Board of International Tea Festival. They will directly prepare all of work with the support of Thai Nguyen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Especially, there will be a participation of some countries which are members of International Tea Association in the festival, such as China, India, Russia, Japan, UK, USA, Germany, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Taiwan…together with provinces in the country, enterprises producing and trading tea and tea products; and villages producing and processing tea...


Countries participate inThai Nguyen International Tea Festival


International Tea Festival in Thai Nguyen will explore advanced techniques and technology in organizing performances and theatrical staging. Accordingly, stands will be beautifully designed to honor tea, tea growers, tea processors, tea products, Thai Nguyen tea culture in particular and introduce Vietnam tea in general. Concomitantly, as one of the most important festival in Vietnam on tea, the festival introduces and promotes tea products, tea art performances and tea invitation art; exhibits collection of antique teapots, antique tea trees with the participation of some countries such as China, Korea, Japan, and provinces in Vietnam Tea Association, Vietnam domestic tea processing enterprises and manufactures, and districts, cities and towns in Thai Nguyen province. In particular, the emphasis in Thai Nguyen International Tea Festival is unique and colorful Carnival. Thai Nguyen Tea Carnival is one of the main activities in the festival’s framework. The program includes theatrical performances and performing arts of famous domestic and international street artists, circus troupes, and performing companies.

Along with cultural activities, the festival also takes place many important workshops. Notably, workshop on Thai Nguyen tea brand, promotion and development of tea industry, tourism promotion with the participation of managers, researchers, and producing, processing and trading enterprises retaining the strength of tea. The content of the workshop will focus on effects of tea on human health; the development history of Vietnamese tea; similarities and differences in the way enjoying tea in Vietnam and other countries in the world; potentialities and strengths of Vietnam tea, tea products; and the development of tea and tea products in Vietnam in general, and in Thai Nguyen in particular.


Tea invitation of young girls in Thai Nguyen International Tea Festival


In addition, Organizer Board also deploys sideline activities and response programs: exhibition of artwork; Children's Art Exhibition introducing the country, Vietnam people, and Thai Nguyen tea; countryside fair showcasing products and tea products with unique cultural characteristics of ethnic groups; Thai Nguyen Agriculture - Industry Exhibition Fair... Simultaneously, sport activities also lively occur during the festival: Thai Nguyen chess, Thai Nguyen tennis tournament, and Thai Nguyen Football League...

According to Organization Board, the festival will deeply bring colorful cultural identity, traditional folk art and modern inspiration of the community; those who have been directly involved in the creation of the tea brand through centuries in order to successful organize one of the most meaningful Vietnam festivals. Thereby, festival promisingly contributes to protect and preserve beautiful traditions and customs; simultaneously, revive Vietnamese tea culture in the context of unpredictable integration and globalization.

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