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Thai Nguyen Tea – Top specialty gift of Asia

Wed, 29 Apr 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:06

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Vietnam has many famous tea areas thanks to good geographic conditions. Famous tea brands include Thai Nguyen tea, Shan Tuyet tea in Suoi Giang, Ha Giang, Ta Xua tea and Bao Loc in Lam Dong. Thai Nguyen tea is perhaps the best known tea.

Tea is a familiar beverage of Vietnamese people. It can be served in different points of time in a day and in different events, either casual or formal. Vietnam has many famous tea areas and Thai Nguyen is a top one. Cultivated at the foot of the mountain with favorable geographic conditions, Thai Nguyen tea has fresh flavor and honey color that totally enchant drinkers. Tea planters in Thai Nguyen have made their tea widely known in the country. The tea was recognized as a product in Top Specialty Gifts of Asia in Thai Nguyen Tea Festival 2013 by Asia Guinness. 

Thai Nguyen is a province in the Northern plateau of Vietnam that has nice landscape. Endowed with favorable conditions, the province can grow many agroforestry plants. And tea is the first in line. There’re thousands of hectares of tea field in Thai Nguyen. Immense tea hills look like green carpets surrounding the city.

Tan Cuong is the most famous tea area in Thai Nguyen. And Tan Cuong Tea has been praised by tea connoisseurs for ages. It’s said that the tea was planted here a long time ago and has become the specialty of the land for a hundred years. Located about 10km away from Thai Nguyen city, Tan Cuong is a half-mountain half-plain area that has the Cong River. The area is attached to the legend of a couple named Cong and Coc, the story behind Nui Coc Lake.

Thai Nguyen is the first name to mention among tea areas. As affirmed by historians in the Nguyen Dynasty over 300 years ago, Thai Nguyen tea came in greatest quantity and quality. Visitors to the cultural space can see favorable natural conditions of Thai Nguyen for tea cultivation, explore the historical and cultural values of the tree, and learn about the hardship of tea planters.

Tea planters in Thai Nguyen have learnt how to enhance the quality of their tea. The two festivals succeeding with flying colors in Thai Nguyen make the local tea better known in the country and the world.

Apart from Tan Cuong tea area, Thai Nguyen has famous tea villages like Pho Yean, Dai Tu, Phu Luong, Dinh Hoa and Dong Hy. Tea planters pay more attention to improving the quality of their products and branding them as well. Thai Nguyen tea attracts drinkers with its special flavor and good-looking packages.

Several modern tea factories have been built in Thai Nguyen to product tea with international standards. The tea may be planted in different places in Thai Nguyen like Minh Lap, Phuc Thuan, La Bang and communes in Tan Cuong but it still has elegant taste. And it’s the pride of Thai Nguyen people.

Located 15km away from the city center of Thai Nguyen, Song Cong town has been well-known for an industrial park which is a considerable GDP contributor of the province. However, the town now becomes more popular thanks to special tea products of a woman.

Nguyet always hopes to create high-grade tea to enhance the foothold of Thai Nguyen tea. To her, tea isn’t simply a beverage but an art. After years of studying, Nguyet introduced her artistic flower tea in 2008. It’s the combination of Tan Cuong tea buds and different flowers like roses, jasmine, lotus and so on. Super Thai Nguyen tea is another name of this product.

Nguyet has introduced many special products in recent years. Her products won the intellectual property certificate and many prizes in fairs, exhibitions and votes for high-quality Vietnamese products. And now, when mentioning Thai Nguyen tea, people can talk about the tea buds that consist the creativity and hard work of local tea planters.

Since when has tea been attached to Vietnamese people’s life? The question is left unanswered but tea has been used as a special beverage that shows the hospitality of hosts for their guests. Tea appears in all events of Vietnamese people. Thai Nguyen tea is the famous tea to taste. Its sweetness and fragrance are the fruit of the efforts of Thai Nguyen people in cultivating the tea and creating a famous tea area over the past century.


Source: VTV10 - NETVIET

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