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Delicious Vietnamese mushroom dishes

Fri, 10 Apr 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:05

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Although mushrooms are not seen as main ingredients, they are the distinctive ingredients in cuisine of Oriental countries, including Vietnam. Vietnamese delicious mushroom dishes are praised by many diners.

Currently, many people tend to follow low-fat-diets with mainly vegetarian dishes. Mushrooms are one of the nutritious and tasty vegetarian ingredients. Especially, they are also seen as fresh vegetables good for health. Mushroom, with high protein content and natural nutrients, not only help people enhance their resistance, detoxicate and stay young, but also prevent cardiac diseases. Mushrooms are good for health, so everyone can eat them.

Mushrooms are not only easy to eat and digestible, but also good for skin. Therefore, in the past, ancient people knew to eat mushrooms. However, mushrooms are seasonal. To meet people’s need for mushrooms all year round, people have done research and invented mushroom cultivation methods. The mushrooms which are not poisonous are used as food. There are some typical kinds of mushrooms like black forest mushrooms, straw mushrooms, white mushrooms, white fungus, woodear mushrooms, etc. Many scientists say that mushrooms will become an important and common food of human in the future. 

Mushrooms are found popular in vegetarian diets. By taking vegetarian meals, people can improve their health, prevent food poisoning and even protect living environment. Therefore, taking vegetarian meals has become a popular trend around the world. From many species of mushrooms like black forest mushrooms, straw mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and enoki mushrooms, you can make various dishes for your daily meals. These dishes are all nutritious, less fat and tasty; thus suitable with vegetarian meals.

Mushroom hot pot is one of the favorite dishes. Mushroom hot pot has strange yet tasty flavor. It is great that family members get together and enjoy the hot pot. Apart from sweet bouillon, mushrooms and vegetable are main ingredients of mushroom hot pot. People love this dish for the sweet bouillon and the fatless flavor. Mushroom hotpot is suitable with people with high blood pressure and diabetes as well as obese people, who want to have sufficient nutrients from their meals.

Woodear mushroom is one of the popular species of mushrooms. Woodear mushrooms are often used to make stir-fried dishes, soup and wrap-and roll dishes. Black forest mushrooms and woodear mushrooms are two important ingredients of Vietnamese spring roll, a familiar dish in the daily meals of Vietnamese people. Mushrooms add more colors to their meals as well.

Mushrooms are various in species; thus, mushroom recipes are various as well. Mushrooms attract the diners for their distinctive fragrance and crispiness. Whether mushrooms are used as main or spicy ingredients, they taste and smell better when they are hot. With distinctive fragrance, dishes from mushroom are easy to eat and they have become familiar dishes in Vietnamese cuisine.

Stir-fried mushroom is a delicious dish with eye-catching color. You can make this dish with black forest mushrooms, apricot bao mushrooms or every species of mushrooms. Each species of mushrooms has a distinctive flavor and they will make your daily meals tastier. Chicken mushroom soup is an appetizer of the Northern people. This dish has the natural fragrance of mushrooms and the sweetness of chicken. Chicken mushroom soup is nutritious and digestible; thus, it is suitable with taste of elderly people and children.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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