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Plain tasty dish of Cu Chi

Mon, 12 Jan 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:59

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Cu Chi is well-known for not only a long history and interesting attractions but also unique and delicious specialties contributing to the diverse of Cu Chi dishes in particular and Saigon cuisine in general.

Cu Chi is a suburb district to the northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. It is located in the area where the Southwest and the Southeast meet. With a long history, the district today catches up with the peace of modern life, but stands out with green gardens. Endowed by nature, the district is home to wonderful specialties that are so appealing that tourists to the district could not resist.

Located by National Highway No. 22 from Ho Chi Minh City to the center of Cu Chi district, Xuan Dao Stall holds a strong appeal to diners for its delicious specialties from veal. With spacious, airy and plain space, the stall is the first choice of many families and groups of friends on their way to the Northwestern part of the city, or simply a destination for many people at weekends. Understandably, the stall is the stopover of many tourists who want to try famous dishes from veal in Cu Chi.

According to Le Van Dau, owner and chef of Xuan Dao Stall, veal in Cu Chi is more delicious than that in other places because of favorable natural conditions in the district. Cu Chi has been endowed by nature with mild weather and fertile soil that are favorable for grass and herbs to grow. Those are nutritious feed for herbs of steers. Raised in favorable conditions, steers of course have tastier meat.

Apart from the two dishes above, the stall is famous for many other dishes from veal like stewed veal served with rice crust, stir-fried veal skin with turmeric, veal trotter rice soup and boiled veal rolled in rice paper.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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