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Vietnamese wrap-and-roll dishes of three regions

Fri, 10 Apr 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:05

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Vietnamese wrap-and-roll dishes attract foreigners for its diversity of ingredients and harmonious combination of colors. Each wrap-and-roll dish has a different name and recipe but all of them are simple, easy to eat and attractive.

Each region has its own cuisine. Each wrap-and-roll recipe has a different name and specific flavor. Wrap-and-roll dish is simple yet appetizing. It is a delicacy of Vietnamese cuisine. Almost all the wrap-and-roll dishes are easy to make with simple and available ingredients. Vietnamese wrap-and-roll dishes are commonly made with meat, fish, shrimp and spicy herbs and wrapped with rice paper, vegetables or thin fried egg. People in different regions use different ingredients to make wrap-and-roll dishes, creating distinctive features for the regional cuisine.

Meat and seafood, as main ingredients, decide the appearance and flavor of the wrap-and-roll dishes. Meat may be beef, pork, pig’s ears, duck, shrimps, fish, crabs, pork pie or eggs. Rice papers are thin and a bit soft, so it’s unnecessary to soften them before rolling. Spicy herbs and fruits like cucumber, green banana, star-shaped fruits are indispensable ingredients of wrap-and-roll recipes. Besides, wrap-and-roll food often goes with rice vermicelli. 

Wrap-and-roll dish attracts eaters for its strange name, flavor and way of eating. When mentioning Northern wrap-and-roll, we cannot but mention “pho cuon” (steamed rice crepe rolls with stir-fried beef and spicy herbs). These simple ingredients together create a delicious dish named “pho cuon”. Coming to Hanoi, every visitor wants to try its specialties like “nem” (spring rolls), rolls with rice vermicelli, etc. With some rice papers and simple ingredients, everyone can make his/her own wrap-and-roll recipe.

Fried spring rolls are very familiar to Hanoians. Ingredients are mixed well then wrapped in rice papers and finally fried until they become crispy. The spring roll taste better with sour sweet sauce. With simple ingredients like boiled pork, culinary herbs (salad, dill, eggplant, cucumber and green mango) along with some steamed rice papers and chilli sauce, we can make a tasty wrap-and-roll food imbued with distinctive flavor of the land of Quang Nam.

Meanwhile, people like “nem tai” (pig’s ear spring roll) for its crispiness and crunchiness of slices of pig’s ears mixed with powdered grilled rice. Besides, “nem tai” is made with fig and Ming Aralia leaves or fermented pork and pork pie. “Nem tai” is a specialty of Nam Dinh province; however, it now becomes popular everywhere. “Goi cuon” (summer roll) is one of the delicious wrap-and-roll dishes. With pork, pork pie, eggs, spicy herbs, salad and rice vermicelli, we can make delicious summer rolls. This dish tastes better when it is eaten with Hue’s sour shrimp paste. Whether Vietnamese wrap-and-roll food is fried or fresh, its tastes great. The fillings are wrapped and rolled in thin steamed rice papers; bring interesting experience to the eaters. Sauce which is eaten with wrap-and-roll food also creates distinctive flavor. With their creativity, Vietnamese people diversified wrap-and-roll recipes.

“Banh xeo” is a favorite kind of rice cakes of Vietnamese people. “Banh xeo” tastes better if it is rolled in a rice paper with a pungent mustard leaf and some spicy herbs and dipped into viscind sour sweet sauce. By doing so, the dish is not too greasy, but tastier. Wrap-and-roll dish seems to make family members closer to one another. Everyone together prepare simple ingredients for the dish.

Almost all the wrap-and-roll dishes are wrapped and rolled with rice papers. Thanks to the diversity of wrap-and-roll recipes, rice papers are seen as important ingredients. With rice paper, we can make fried spring rolls or fresh rolls that are eaten with fish sauce. Each wrap-and-roll dish shows not only the cook’s creativity, but also regional culinary features.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET


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