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Delicious Vietnamese fish dishes

Fri, 10 Apr 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:05

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Not only traditional dishes, but also many other dishes that are made from fish have special taste and attractive fragrance. Therefore, Vietnamese fish dishes has become a familiar dish in daily meals of Vietnamese people.

Fish is one of the main dishes in daily meals of Vietnamese people. Based on Yin and Yang principles, Vietnamese people have made numerous fish recipes by combining fish different kinds of spices like pepper, chilli, star fruits, galingale, lemongrass, “tram” fruits and tea leaves. From fish, people could make simple dishes such as poached fish, grilled, steamed fish or elaborate dishes by combining it with other main ingredients. And these ingredients create distinctive flavor for Vietnamese fish dishes.

In the spiritual life of the Northwestern people, especially Thai ethnic minority, fish is the God of Water and water plays an important role in labor and daily life. Fish is main food of Thai people. Thanks to the nature’s endowment, fish has daily food of the local people.  “Mac khen” grilled fish, “Pa giang” dried fish and “Po xom” sour fish are outstanding fish recipes of Thai people. Especially, the sour fish and dried fish are two indispensable offerings that the bridegrooms’ families bring to the brides ‘families in their weddings. For them, these offerings are not much valuable but meaningful.

While the Northwestern people like grilled fish, people in the delta region like poached fish. Vu Dai village which is mentioned in the famous literary work by late writer Nam Cao is now well-known for its traditional poached fish whose recipe has been handed down over generations.

To make a pot of Dai Hoang poached fish, we have to prepare many things, including fish, dozens kinds of spices, earthenware pot and longan firewood. On New Year’s eve, every family is busy with preparing New Year’s Eve meal and poached fish and “chung” cakes are indispensable dishes of the year-end meal. Therefore, not only local people, but also people across the country prepare Dai Hoang poached fish for their New Year’s Eve meal. 

Apart from grilled fish and poached fish, Vietnamese people make an outstanding dish from fish named “goi ca” (raw fish and vegetables). “Goi ca” is a distinctive dish of Cuong Gian coastal commune, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh province. People often make “goi ca” from herring, silver sillago or stingray fish. This dish is made with many ingredients; so it takes much time to make it.

To make delicious “goi ca”, cooks must follow its recipe and pay much attention to choosing ingredients especially fish and culinary herbs. Each ingredient adds a specific flavor to the dish and they all make “goi ca” Ngi Xuan distinctive and attractive.  

Fish dish in each region has a distinctive flavor. Commonly, fish dishes of the Southern region have specific flavor of water region. These dishes are called with simple names like bitter vegetable soup with carp, sour soup with “linh” fish, fish poached with water lily, grilled “loc” fish, etc. These dish are simple yet imbued with the regional flavor and they are in no way inferior to any delicacy. It is an outstanding feature of Vietnamese cuisine.

Steamed fish in soy sauce is a delicious dish for daily meals. It is not too greasy; thus, easy to eat. We can eat this dish with rice vermicelli and spicy herbs. The steamed fish is soft and sweet. Besides, the spicy herbs remove the fishy smell of the fish, making it more delicious.

Stir-fried fish with celery and leek is a tasty and nutritious dish. The ingredients of the dish are available and its recipe is simple as well. This dish is made with many kinds of vegetables, so it is not greasy, but easy to eat.

Fried fish rolled with meat is a simple dish; thus, easy to make and eat. This is a suitable with small parties with families and friends. Fish and meat are main ingredients of this dish. By combining these two simple ingredients, we can make a delicious dish.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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