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Assorted cakes in Hue cuisine

Thu, 12 Mar 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:01

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Hue is famous for its cakes, which are attached to the name of local places such as banh khoai Dong Ba or banh canh Nam Pho. They have been an integral part of Hue cuisine that attracts tourists whenever they set foot on the land of ancient capital.

Hue ancient capital is widely known as a beautiful and poetic place with significant scenic spots and historical relics. Coming to Hue, people will enjoy peaceful and pleasant moments. In this land where nature and people live in harmony, there are distinctive dishes that make the quintessence of Hue cuisine. Hue people are very meticulous and subtle not only in choosing ingredients but also in seasoning and garnishing the dishes. To them, every dish is cherished as a work of art. 

Hue dishes, regardless of delicacies or plain food, are unforgettable to people who once tired them are unforgettable to people who once tired them. Thanks to women’s dexterity, Hue dishes are imbued with the soul and love of local people. Banh beo (water fern cake), banh nam (steamed flat rice dumpling with pork and shrimp), banh bot loc (clear shrimp and pork dumpling), banh ram it (fried glutinous sticky rice dumpling), banh khoai (savory fried pancake), banh canh (tapioca noodle) and many other types of cakes have contributed to Hue cuisine in general and cakes in the land of ancient capital in particular.

Hue people do not make cakes to make their stomachs full but to relish the flavor. Flour used to make banh ram it, banh beo or banh nam is made from well-selected white sticky rice, which is then soaked in water in a well-calculated period of time and well-minced. The ingredients to make banh bot loc are also carefully selected. Fresh soft-shelled shrimps make every cake of this type delicious and appealing. The way to make Hue cakes is fastidious, showing the dedication of Hue people in every dish.

To all tourists coming to Hue, one of the things they want to do most is to learn about and tru Hue dishes. Among various appealing dishes, cakes cannot be missed. By trying Hue food, tourists can realize that dishes are cooked and arranged plainly. Hue cake slices are individually wrapped and each type of cake has its own way to relish. Hue dishes are sophisticated. Whenever visitors come to Hue, it is time for Hue people to introduce proudly their long-lasting local cuisine.

Tasty flavor of Hue cakes is partly thanks to the green leaves that wrap little cakes. These leaves are brought from Hen Dune and concentrated here to sell to stores that make Hue cakes. Banh nam is a traditional dish of Hue. Together with banh beo and banh bot loc, this type of cake is often used in Hue vegetarian cuisine. Normally, the fillings of banh nam are made from shrimos and pork. However, if the cake is used as an offering to God on holidays or on the 15h day of every month, the filling is replaced by beans, which is not less appealing.

Making the filling of banh nam is more meticulous than making it of banh bot loc. Shrimps must be unshelled and well-minced, pork must also be well-minced, then stir-fried with shallots, seasoned and kept stir-frying until it is finely done. When stir-fried pork and shrimps are cool, we can move on to wrapping the cakes. This type of cake is made from rice flour, so it is delicious and safe. The elderly, children and sick people can eat it.

Steaming is the last step to finish making banh nam. Depending on the thickness of the cakes, the cook estimates the steaming time so that the cakes are quite done. After 15 to 20 minutes, they are taken out and several hot with a bowl of fish sauce and some slices of peppers. Despite the simplicity of making and eating banh nam, this type of cake has contributed to cuisine in Hue, especially Hue cakes for so long.

Banh bot loc is a popular food across the country, especially in North Central Region of Vietnam. However, in Hue, banh bot loc with shrimp filling is made and wrapped distinctively by the locals making it unique and appealing. The way banh bot loc is wrapped looks simple, however, not everyone can be skillful enough to make these little nice cakes. After being wrapped, they are steamed just like banh nam. In a satisfactory batch of banh bot loc, cakes look fairly clear and there is no flour deposition. Having a bite, people can feel the crunchy flour and the salty taste of shrimps. This type of cake is better served with a mix of fish sauce, shrimp soup, lemon, sugar, peppers and satay.  


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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