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Hanoi cuisine in old space

Wed, 29 Apr 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:05

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Hanoi has been known by foreign visitors for many delicious dishes such as Cha Ca La Vong, Bun Cha or steamed rolled rice pancake in Thanh Tri and many other kinds of street food. In addition, enjoying Hanoi cuisine in old space also attracts many diners.

Diners are interested in enjoying special dishes of Hanoi in a warm and vintage space. When we learn about Hanoi food, we cannot but mention Cha ca La Vong restaurant, which has existed for more than 100 years in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. This is an attractive place of many overseas Vietnamese whenever they return to Vietnam. Here, you can enjoy traditional delicious dishes of Hanoi and a warm and elegant space. Cha Ca La Vong restaurant has many times been voted by tourism magazines of foreign countries as a must-come dining address when they visit Hanoi.

In websites on Vietnamese tourism, many tourists have made comments and shared their feelings on some restaurants of Vietnamese identity. Many said they would come back. It’s great pride to local people. When talking about 1946 Restaurant, many people think of an important historical milestone of Hanoi. However, what attracts diners more is a Hanoi space with photos of the old Hanoi, old dishes and bowls. 

A Hanoi in the subsidy period is lively recreated with the objects dating from 1976 – 1986 at “Cua hang an uong mau dich so 37” (State-run Food Shop No.37). The restaurant serves many dishes of the old days such as rice cooked with sweet potato or cassava, salted vegetables fired with cracklings. Visitors buy “ration coupons” to order food. The city is changing day by day. There are now not many of such places that arouse nostalgia in people. The elegant and vintage space adds spice to the dishes here. The diners can enjoy traditional dishes…

Bat Trang is famous for not only ceramics but also a very delicious dish – Kohlrabi fried with dried cuttlefish. It is an indispensable dish in every feast of the people here. Bamboo shoots are often cooked with beef or pork ribs. Few people know it can be cooked with cuttlefish. This is a traditional dish of the people in Bat Trang. Its broth is made from shrimp, pig’s bones and chicken. Bamboo shoots are soaked in water for 2 hours until they become soft. Shred them into pieces. Boil the bamboo shoots for 3 times.

Mix them with fish sauce, salt. Then fry them with onion. The cuttlefish is washed by ginger water to remove its fishy taste. Shred the cuttlefish into small pieces and stir-fry. Besides bamboo shoots and cuttlefish, we can also use lean and feat meat to enhance the buttery taste for the soup. Bamboo shoots, cuttlefish and meat must be stir-fried before we simmer the mixture and the broth in 20-30 minutes. Bat Trang bamboo shoot and cuttlefish soup is a complicated dish to cook. A good soup must have a bright yellow, sweet taste and flavor of cuttlefish. The broth must be pure. Crisp bamboo shoots and tough cuttlefish make the soup more attractive.

Molting shrimp fired with coconut meat is a strange dish. It has distinctive taste and attracts many diners. The recipe of the dish is very simple. Cut the shrimp’s heads, leave them dry, mix them with spice and fry them. Cook the coconut meat until its water nearly runs out. Put the shrimp into the pot and cook for a while. It is great when the dish is eaten with rice.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET


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