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Most famous Hanoi restaurants

Thu, 12 Mar 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:01

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As a city with a long history and an age-old culture rich in traditional values, Hanoi is one of the most appealing tourist destinations for tourists at home and from aboard. Also, Hanoi restaurants with exquisite cuisine make it appealing to tourists.

Hanoi cuisine has a long history. Plus, with the influence of different food styles from France, China and Italy, etc., Hanoi cuisine gets more diverse, breathing the fresh air into Vietnamese cuisine. Away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, the restaurant lies silently in Nam Ngu Street. The tranquility is typical of the restaurant. It is painted in white, which makes us feel easy. The small passage leading to the courtyard sparks in the sunlight. From every corner in the restaurant you can feel the fresh air and the beauty of nature.

Remarkably, getting through its entrance, we reach the kitchen of the restaurant. Generally speaking, French kitchen is very clean and tidy. All the cookware items are made of stainless steel. The restaurant is decorated in an impressive way. As its three owners are photography lovers, winning photos are showcased here. They are very beautiful. This makes the restaurant stand out elegantly.

Founded in 2008 by three French friends, Minh Spielmann, Benjamin Rascalou and Anthony Balenci, La Badiane is now recognized as one of the best restaurants in Vietnam dedicated to fusion of flavors and international gastronomy. La Badiane is a French restaurant. However, it offers French dishes, Vietnamese traditional dishes and other Western dishes.

In 2013, La Badiane won prestigious awards granted by famous international organizations. The Miele Guide, a leading food magazine, recognized La Badiane as one of Asia’s top 500 finest restaurants. La Badiane received the Certificate of Excellence from the TripAdvisor, a deserving recognition for its years of effort. In 2013 chef Benjamin Rascalou appeared in a CNN interview on Hanoi food and dishes of La Badiane. The French restaurant has all things to satisfy the pickiest diners when they visit Hanoi.

These images were captured when Donald Berger, chef and general director of Don’s Tay Ho restaurant, received the title “50 Best Restaurants in Asian in 2013” and “the best restaurant in Vietnam” voted by San Pellegrino in Singapore. Donald Berger, a Canadian chef, has worked for many famous restaurants in the world. He chose Vietnam as his destination and co-founded Don’s Tay Ho to satisfy his passion for the blend of Western and Eastern foods.

Lying by the West Lake, an appealing destination for domestic and foreign tourists, Don’s Tay Ho impresses diners with simple but delicate appearance, while its interior design is the nice blend of Eastern furniture and decoration items and Western arrangement. What makes Don’s stand out and rank 47th among the 50 best restaurants in Asia is its diverse menu. With experience got after working for well-known restaurants in the world and great passion for food, Donald Berger offers a diverse menu featuring Donald Berger offers a diverse menu featuring dishes from different countries.

Donald Berger and his colleagues pay top priority to the selection of ingredients. Their ingredients are provided by the world’s leading providers and known Vietnamese distributors. Donald’s colleague at the restaurant is Chef Nguyen Van Tu who can realize Donald’s idea in the best way. It’s the nice blend of Western and Eastern foods. As for Donald, he often makes Canadian Springroll on his own to treat his distinguished guests. This dish consists of such ingredients as avocado, fish eggs, rice vermicelli and other special ingredients. His favorite dish carries food philosophies that are of great significance to him.

Remarkably, everyday of the week diners of the restaurant can listen to live music played by professional bands on the top floor of the restaurant where Oyster bar sits. With a good glass of drink, delicious dishes, romantic landscape of the West Lake, you have all of your senses woke easily at Don’s Tay Ho.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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