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German food culture in Hanoi

Thu, 02 Oct 2014 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:52

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Hanoi cuisine is famous for not only local dishes but also for international dishes, especially Germany food. Once tasting German food in Hanoi, you will be impressed by ingredients, cooking and its own flavor.

Germany is rich in types of ingredients.  Potatoes are in fact considered a German food like the bread or rice in other parts of the world. The German slice potato to make salad, grind potato in pancake or make familiar dishes.

Kaiser Kaffee is a pub bearing the German culture in Hanoi. Once you enter this restaurant, you will notice right away to the wooden reliefs and numerous decorations taken from directly from Germany. The owner of this pub has collected lots of antiques during his 30-year-living in Germany. It was not easy to find these items, it took times and a lot of looking around to get ones that unique. The old beer mug has designed with many designs and drawings. Modern beer mugs are made only of glass. Each of the old mug contains from half a liter to 1 liter of beer. And beer is an integral part of German food culture.

German food in Hanoi is popular nowsadays. Schnitzel is a German styled fried pork dish. It is served with fried potatoes. This dish has typical flavor thanks to a special spice, the caraway seeds. In Germany, it is a common dish. People often have it several times a week. In German, each region produces its own beer. Some cities even have a dozen of beer factories. The German consider beer their spirit so the drink is important to them. There are many beer festivals there. Apart from the Munich’s beer festival, beer factories often organize their own events across the country.

200 years ago in Munich, Prince Lugwig got marriage with Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Citizens were invited to celebrate the royal wedding. Since then, a festival has been organized every year in the region and renamed the Oktoberfest. From Munich, Oktoberfest is now popular all around the world. In Vietnam, Movepick hotel is the place organizing the Oktoberfest in Hanoi for the past 4 years.

Chefs of the hotel were in charge of working out a food menu to serve some 3000 festival goers in two days. One of traditional foods of the festivals is pretzel. Like “pho” for Vietnamese, the bread is essential for the German. Other important dishes include sauerkraut and braised purple cabbage. The cabbage will be cooked with vinegar, wine, apple and bay leaf. The hotel also served two types of German traditional sausages made from pork and veal.

The German potato salad will have the taste of bacon and sautéed onions, some mustard and chicken broth. You can also include green onions and olive oil. Bread is an indispensable part of the Oktoberfest. Pretzel is made without yeast using just flour, water and salt. Once they are baked, these are what you get: browned pretzels with unique flavors. This type of German pretzel dog will often be served with 3 types of mustard. One type is the yellow mustard or Dijon as it’s called. There is also the whole mustard where the seeds are still present. The third type is the German mustard.

Oktoberfest has been only the festival in Bavaria of Germany, Oktoberfest has spread all around the world, and Hanoi is one of those destinations. Even though it is organized every year in the city, the festival attracted thousands of people coming here for the beer, music and food culture.


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