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Delicacies of Halong Bay

Wed, 29 Apr 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:05

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Enjoying seafood in restaurants by the beach is always great experience for visitors when coming to Halong Bay. When coming to seafood restaurants by Halong beach, visitors can enjoy delicacies of Halong made from seafood.

Halong is bestowed by nature with many kinds of seafood. And local people have created many recipes to make tasty dishes. Here you can enjoy the dishes in different places. For those who often have dinner late, Cai Dam food area (Bai Chay) or Gieng Don food street (Halong) or snail and seafood stalls on the pavement by the beach are good choices. Or you can visit the seafood rafts by boat and choose the fresh seafood to enjoy on the spot.

“Ngan” is a typical food in Halong Bay. It looks like oyster but is a little bit bigger. “Ngan” is found in many places in this region but it is the most nutritious in the Bach Dang river mouth. Many dishes made from “ngan” are served in the stalls along the street here and attract many diners. You can buy “ngan” and other kinds of fresh seafood in Halong market. Crabs, mantis shrimp, fish, turtles, sea cucumber, etc. are indispensable in every meal of visitors when they come to Halong.

Halong market night is an interesting place for tourists after visiting beauty spots, swimming and eating seafood. It is always hustle and bustle. Here you can buy typical souvenirs of the coastal area such as key hooks, bags made from artificial pearls, necklaces and ships made from shells. Once you come to Halong, you can hardly forget colorful images and tasty dishes of this city. “Ngan” grilled with onion is a simple dish. It attracts diners for its great taste. The flavor of “ngan” combined with the fragrance of fried onion leaves impression on the diners.

Sea cucumber is a kind of Oriental medicine. Sea cucumber cooked in ceramic pot is simple and suits the taste of elderly people. Sea cucumber is fishy, so while processing it, you can use ginger or wine to remove the fishy smell. Sea cucumber should be fried on high fire. “Ngan” can be processed in many ways such as grilling, steaming, cooking soup or frying. “Ngan” fried with vermicelli is a popular dish in restaurant in Halong. Many might not like this dish as it has the strong taste of “ngan”. However, it is very tasty.

Raw skate is a quite familiar dish to the people in coastal areas. To make this tasty dish, it requires the cook to have skills and meticulosity. The most important requirement is that skate must be fresh. Clean the fish and remove its bone. It is then mixed with spice. The dish needs many kinds of ingredients and takes time. Each ingredient creates a feature for the dish. The sweet taste of skate, the sour taste of lemon and green mango, fig leaves, “dinh lang” leaves, guava leaves, pepper, peanuts, coconut meat, fish sauce…All these are combined with each other creating the great taste.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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