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Roasted dishes in Sapa

Thu, 12 Mar 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:01

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Visitors to Sapa find it interesting to enjoy roasted dishes in a street which specializes in serving roasted dishes here. With their special flavors, roasted dishes in Sapa are extremely attractive to diners.

There is a street which specializes in serving roasted dishes in Sapa. All ingredients are fresh and delicious. Roasted dishes here have their own flavors. Thus, they always attract diners. With their original flavors, roasted dishes in Sapa are popular with both domestic and foreign visitors.

About 10 years ago, roasted dishes in Sapa were only corn and sweet potatoes. However, at present, local people serve diners with various roasted dishes. Stalls selling roasted dishes are set out right on the pavement. And the way local people process roasted dishes is simple. Roasted dishes in Sapa have special flavors because local people always use fresh ingredients such as corn, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, eggs, beef, pork, etc. for processing them.

In the cold of Sapa, tourists gather round the wood-burning stove, selected roasted dishes and enjoy them. Tourists can easily find roasted corn or chestnuts in many places. However, roasted “lon cap nach” or tofu can only be found in Sapa. Thus they are very popular with visitors to Sapa. The flavors of roasted dishes here are always changed to satisfy visitors. The number of tourists who want to enjoy roasted dishes in Sapa is on the increase.

Earlier, only domestic visitors liked eating roasted dishes in Sapa. However, at present, roasted dishes in the town also appeal to foreign visitors. When visitors enjoy roasted dishes, it seems that they forget all their daily worries. H’Mong ethnic people grow a lot of “Rau cai meo” and its often used in their daily meals. “Rau cai meo” in Sapa is very clean. Local people often boil or stir-fry “Rau Cai meo”. Especially, “Rau cai meo” tastes better when it is served with beef.


Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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