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Fine Dining in Vietnam

Thu, 02 Oct 2014 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:52

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Fine Dining has been introduced to Vietnam and redefined to accord with Vietnamese culture. There are three aspects that people often think about Fine Dining including food, ambience or atmosphere and service as well.

The term Fine Dining means different things to different people. Technically speaking, the term Fine Dining is the type of colonial style that offers food, services and atmosphere. Fine dining requires a lot of attention to details. Post ‘n Pan is Fine Dining social enterprise restaurant based in Hanoi. Established in 2012, Post ‘n Pan is about innovation Vietnamese cuisine with the international flavor. It takes the best ideal for modern Vietnamese food. The flavor is familiar but done differently. Post ‘n Pan is dedicated to prepare exceptional food combined with excellent services in a welcoming atmosphere. One of the distinguish feature of Fine Dining is the number and variety of food available. One more thing is the attention to food design.

In a formal dinner, fork and knife are served following the order of guests. Each utensil can be unique made to restaurant’s need. When it comes to Fine Dining, there needs to be a complex set of utensils. Appetizers need to have their own utensils.  There’s even a separate set of utensils for dishes. Each type of glass will be used for different types of wine. The structure, shape and size of each glass will ensure the drink’s taste and quality. On the dining table, there are 3 types of glasses: one for normal water or carbonated water, one for white wine and one for red wine. Each of the wine will complement different flavors of food.

The servers in Fine Dining restaurant have to be well trained and have many years of experience in the hospitality industry. Actually, there is a perfect place in Hanoi that teaches learners these skills. Know One Teach One or KOTO is known as a social enterprise specializing in training for street and disadvantaged children. This is one of the first lessons of setting up table at KOTO. During the lesson, children are able to learn the basic of setting up Fine Dining dinner table. The napkin on a dining table is important. Apart from its sanitary role, napkins also help to create the ambience and become decorations for a formal party. Napkins also show the care and artistic skills of a Fining Dining server. The arrangement depends on the culture and historical periods. 

There will be signals for serves to know if guests are done with their meals. When a guest lines his or her knife and fork, it signals that he or she is done. Modern Fine Dining can occur at any location and offer variety of cuisine including local and fresh food. In Vietnam, the term Fine Dining has been developing. French Grill is mixed with French classic dishes, grilled foods and fresh seafood. The quality of food here meets Fine Dining requirements with the combination of the best ingredients and special cooking way. All are combined in one concept refined but casual. The unique feature of the restaurant is the ingredients. There are the best ingredients. Also, the restaurant focuses on the way cooking the food to respect the ingredients.  

In Fine Dining, food is so vital. Fresh and organic food and the right cooking are all very important. The light of the restaurant is not too strong. It’s gentle just like one in a home so that all guests can have comfortable feeling while they are at the restaurant. The music here is the combination of lounge music as well as electro-jazz. It designs specifically for the restaurant so you cannot find it anywhere else. Customer services in Fine Dining is basically not just about serving the food and taking order, and neither is setting up dining-table. In fact, there are some Fine Dining restaurants in Vietnam having simple design. However, the waiters and waitresses in Fine Dining restaurant have to pay much attention to the customers.


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