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Vung Tau International Kite Festival

Mon, 30 Jun 2014. Last updated Wed, 15 Oct 2014 17:16

Vung Tau International Kite Festival is a new festival in Vietnam. The festival is held every year since 2009. Vung Tau International Kite Festival has undergone five times of organization. Here is the convergence of many international kite clubs.

Vung Tau International Kite Festival is an annual event in Vung Tau City (Ba Ria – Vung Tau). Being firstly held in 2009, the international kite festival is one of new festivals in Vietnam in recent years. This kite festival has the largest scale in Vietnam, which gathers the participation of many kite clubs and associations all over the world. The festival brings together unique and diverse kites in all colors, sizes and styles. In addition, the festival is not just a kind of sports-cum-cultural, but also a program to attract tourists of both domestic and international. In the colorful festival, the participating countries show their own traditional-style kites. In particular, Vietnam performs Hue kites bringing court nuances and royal images such as dragon and phoenix; Northern flute kite, and modern kites created under aerodynamic principle, or unique kites with shapes of marine creatures.


Teams in the International Kite Festival 2014


The new Vietnam festival chooses Vung Tau City as the venue of the international festival. Vung Tau City is a famous tourist coastal city in Vietnam with full of beautiful sunshine and wind, which brings unforgettable moments to tourists. The beautiful coastal line with wonderful beaches, fanciful Binh Chau Hot Spring, famous lighthouse, and the largest statue of Christ in the world, all of which has created a mesmerizing Vung Tau City. These features are partly the reason for the organizing of the festival. Vung Tau International Kite Festival has been organized for five time in Vietnam. In 2009, the international festival in Vietnam was held at the end of March from 26th to 30th. The title of this festival in 2009 was “The Dance of the East Sea”. The particular venue of this festival was on the beach of Ho Tram Resort & Spa in Xuyen Moc Distric, and at the central beach of Vung Tau City. In this 2009 festival, there were 15 international kites clubs and associations from the United States, France, Germany, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Canada, and other regional countries like Taiwan, Indonesia, and India, etc.


Special Kites in International Kite Festival 2014


Vung Tau Int’l Kite Festival 2010 took place from March 25 to March 29 in Bien Dong Ocean Park with the theme "Legends of a Thousand Years’". The festival saw the participation of 69 international kite artisans from 24 countries and territories, and 70 domestic kite artisans, which attracted thousands of tourists. Particularly, on March 26, the Southeastern Kite Festival took place on the occasion of 1000-year anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi. There was the participation of 100 artistic kites and 900 ordinary kites performed by Vietnamese students. The third International Kite Festival (2011) with the theme “Sharing a Sky” took place from April 8 to 10 at the hall of Intourco Resort. The colorful and new Vietnamese festival was the convergence of 120 artists from 25 countries and territories. The int’l kite festival was held for the fourth time in 2012 with the title of “Dance of Peace”. It took place from March 30 to April 2, at the Paradise Golf Course and along Thuy Van Beach. However, the fifth festival of international kites was held in 2014, as the year of 2013 witnessed the second Vietnam Kite Festival, not an international festival like other ones. The festival 2014 lasted from May 8 to 12 with the theme “Peaceful Dances”. There were the participation of 26 countries and territories all over the world.


Colorful kites in the International Kite Festival 2014


The international kite festival is one of the most elaborated Vietnam festivals. In 2009, a large number of beautiful kites were shown in the azure sky of Vung Tau City. There was a kite reaching an outstanding record as the longest kite of 275m. Many kites were in glittering colors, different modern and classic styles. There are also artistic performances of kites at night on the beach with a combination of lights and sounds. Some of famous artists showed indoor kites with special designs. The festival in 2010 appealed the attention of nearly 30 countries in the world. The festival is really a colorful cultural convergence of many countries. In 2011, content of the festival includes performances from traditional to modern kites and many other activities such as setting a new world record, performances of glider kites, Rokkaku kite performance (Hexagonal kites of Japan).

With the purpose of honoring the art of designing and flying kites, one of the most outstanding features of Vietnamese folk culture, the festival is organized annually. Here is also the chance to promulgating flying kite culture to local people and international tourists, to create a wonderful playground for artisans and fans of kites. This is also the occasion of selecting traditional kite teams in Vietnam to attend other international kite festival in the world. In the future, the international event will become one of important Vietnamese festivals in the course of introducing widely Vietnamese culture to the entire world.

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