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Mui Ne International Sailing Festival

Mon, 16 Jun 2014. Last updated Fri, 17 Oct 2014 15:49

Mui Ne International Sailing Festival is the biggest international event in Binh Thuan. The festival is organized with the participation of many countries in the world. This new Vietnam festival has a main purpose of promulgating the image of Binh Thuan.

Mui Ne International Sailing Festival is the greatest event in Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan). The festival is organized not just to create outstanding features on Phan Thiet beaches, but also excited music and artistic outdoor shows. The international sailing festival is a new chance for Mui Ne to become a striking international destination. The festival is expected to take place annually in Mui Ne. This festival appeals great attention and participation of international teams from China, Korea, Japan, Australia, France, and Germany, etc. These teams have outstanding performances of sailing, creating great attraction to tourists. Mui Ne International Sailing Festival is predicted to become a famous brand of Mui Ne – Binh Thuan – Vietnam tourism, and promulgate the image of Mui Ne to the whole world.

Teams in Mui Ne Sailing Festival

Mui Ne is chosen to the place of organizing international sailing festival, as this is one of destinations in Vietnam possessing wonderful beaches. This event is expected to create more opportunities to develop marine economy, especially sea tourism in, and raising beautiful image of seas in Vietnam. In 2010, the festival was approved by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. This festival was one of important and outstanding events featuring the anniversary of 1000-year-old Thang Long – Hanoi, and 15 years of Mui Ne tourism. The International Sailing Festival in Mui Ne is often organized in six main positions, including construction area of Hon Rom Harbor, stage at Doi Hong (Hong Hill), Novotel Hotel, Siva Mui Ne Resort, Sea Links City, and 706B Street. The festival is a chance for Mui Ne in particular and Vietnam in general to become international destination for entertainment industry and sailboats manufacture of many reputable companies and corporations in the world.

Being held for three times in Mui Ne since 2010, the main content of this new festival in Vietnam is increasingly improved to meet the need of local and international tourists. Mui Ne International Sailing Festival is a sport – tourism event which is open to establish the entertainment industry at international level in Mui Ne, and contributes to the image of tourism in Mui Ne in particular and in Vietnam in general. Annually, Mui Ne International Sailing Festival appeals the participation of 20 international sailing teams, 150 producing sailboat corporations, investors, entrepreneurs, famous artistic delegations and artists from many countries in the world. Many reporters of reputable telecommunications as Russian Television, NHK of Japan, and CNN of the United State come to Mui Ne to update news about the festival. Almost activities of this festival take place in Phan Thiet City with Mui Ne as the central point. Particularly, the route of international sailing show stretches from Tuy Phong to Ham Thuan Nam.

Music Show in Mui Ne International Sailing Festival

Activities of the festival often contain exciting performances and international exhibition of over 200 sailboats, and outdoor artistic performance with striking and unique events such as Music Show and Pop – Rock Show which are organized continuously at Blowing Sand Dune stage. In addition, activities of artistic light effects, and exhibition of artworks are often open during this festival. Mui Ne is the convergence of natural features to build sailboat entertainment industry and international sailing festival, which creates favorable conditions for Mui Ne to become a special tourism brand, and enhances international tourists and investors to Vietnam. In the International Sailing Festival in Mui Ne, in each team of a country, there are three sailboats with one athlete, and one sailboat with two athletes. Apart from sailing shows, there are other relevant events such as performing skills of technical operations and installation sailboat, exhibitions of international sailboat, international seminar on sailboat management, production, promotion and commerce in Asia.

In conclusion, the new event is one of the interesting and attractive festivals in Vietnam expected to bring great opportunities to Mui Ne in particular and Vietnam in general to develop the industry of entertainment, sailboat production, and Mui Ne – Vietnam tourism.

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