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1st Green Tourism Week in Mekong River Delta to be held

Thu, 12 Mar 2015. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:01

Green Tourism Week in Mekong River Delta 2015 is scheduled to take place in Can Tho City from June 26 to July 2. This is a great event organized by Southwest Steering Committee in collaboration with Can Tho Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

At the press conference on plans to hold the event, Mr. Nguyen Phong Quang, Deputy Head of the Permanent Steering Committee of Southwestern part said it was the first time Green Tourism Week in Mekong River Delta organized by Southwest Steering Committee, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Can Tho People's Committee and Golden Lotus Company.


Mekong River Delta


Main activities of the Green Tourism Week in Mekong Delta 2015 will include expo with a scale from 1200-1500 booths and opening ceremony of Green Tourism Week in Mekong River Delta 2015. In addition, there are other interesting activities such as culinary festival, street festival, the final contest of Miss Mekong River Delta, happy hour brand, Travel and colors night, art contest for talent tourist guides, and meeting and exchange with artists. Besides, there are investment promotion conferences in the field of green tourism in Mekong River Delta, Mekong River Delta tourism Connection conference, and Mekong River Delta Green Tourism Joint Development Seminar.

Activities at Green Tourism Week in Mekong Delta in 2015 aims to promote sustainable development tourism in Mekong River delta, contribute to the strategic development of tourism in Vietnam, promote investment in Vietnam tourism, especially in green tourism, and ensure the linkage between regions. This week also boosts the demand of local and international tourists, find solutions to link tourism development in Mekong River Delta, connecting Mekong River Delta tours, and local regions in the country and in other countries to attract tourists to the delta and vice versa. Green Tourism Week 2015 will have the participation of cities which have strengths in tourism in Vietnam and in countries belonging to Mekong River Delta such as Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and other international organizations.


Tram Chim National Park


The first Green Tourism Week held in Can Tho is a chance to promulgate the tourism in Mekong River Delta to domestic and foreign tourists, promote the development of economy and society in Can Tho in particular and the region in general, and ensure the sustainable development to other regions. This is a tourism event of the entire region. Therefore, local areas should coordinate to implement and organize tours on exploring characteristics of the local area to promote tourism. The total cost is estimated at over 10 billion dong. In addition to the content of Mekong River Delta tourism promotions and workshops, some sideline activities are expected to attract many people's attention such as Tourist guides competition, Miss Mekong River Delta Contest, and art contest for travel companies...

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