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Hon Rom Island

Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Hon Rom Island is one of the most stunning attractions in Mui Ne. Hon Rom is not an offshore island in Mui Ne with turquoise water, smooth sandy beaches and azure sky. Coming to this island, tourists will have unforgettable experiences.

Hon Rom is a name of an untouched small mountain located in Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City. This is seen as an island as it connects to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand. It is about 28 km from Phan Thiet City. The area features with towering mountains surrounding over 17-km beach, yellow sand and green lush coconut trees. Beach in Hon Rom Island is one of the most crowded ones in Mui Ne, contributing to the development of Phan Thiet tourism.


Hon Rom Island view from Sand Dunes


The name of Hon Rom originates from the image of this island seen from afar. In dry season, a special grass in mountains turns into yellow. Local people from offshore area see the mountains like a giant pile of dry yellow straw, thus, this island is called Hon Rom. Owing to not being untapped much, landscapes in this island retain pristine and liberal beauty of the nature. Every day, boulders in different shapes are patted by waves smoothly. In further distance, in deserts, there are low bushes and thorny cactus appearing on yellow and as smooth as velvet sand dunes.


Panoramic view of Hon Rom Island


Being of tourist attractions in Phan Thiet, Hon Rom has wonderful beaches attracting tourists of both local and international. Famous Mui Ne beaches in Hon Rom Island are Hon Rom 1, Rom 2 ... They are always thronged with tourists to the beach, entertainment, recreation rather boisterous. With a fine smooth and little discolored sand featuring the coastal area of Phan Thiet, sloping beaches, and gentle waves, these beaches in Hon Rom Island become popular places where tourists look for summer vacation. Coming Hon Rom Island, tourists, especially young enthusiasts, will delight in sand sliding from the top of the hill, then swimming in cool blue water, and finally self-conquer many types of water sports. In the evening, tourists will have the opportunity to gather around a campfire, and share funniest time together.


Hon Rom Beach


Especially, these beaches are ideal "venues" for families, student groups or organizations to hold meaningful and interesting outdoor activities. In addition to swimming, tourists coming here can challenge themselves with exciting sports activities on the beach such as sand skiing, driving canoe, or parachuting... After hours of delighting, it is the greatest moments of sitting on the sand to enjoy fresh seafood, and contemplate beautiful sunset on the beach. This will be the most memorable experience of each tourists in the journey to the beaches of Hon Rom Island in Mui Ne.


Recreational activities in Hon Rom Island


Today, Hon Rom Island is a famous tourist attraction in Mui Ne with quiet beautiful scenery, and pristine beach of over 17 km. Here, tourists can enjoy interesting moments of immersing in turquoise waters, calm sea waves without underground rocks. In the morning, or in the afternoon, you can stay on the beach to contemplate the sunrise or sunset, and in the evening when the moon is the highest. Otherwise, you can join fur camp or swim. Located in the complex of beaches in Hon Rom, there are many beaches for tourism. Including Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2, Thuy Trang… Almost of these beach are reserved for domestic tourists, while the foreign tourists are concentrated at the luxury resorts.


Bathing in Hon Rom Island


If you want to adventure more, you can travel to offshore Mui Ne with local fishermen. You will have a chance to catch fish and enjoy the experience of being a fisherman. From Hon Rom Island, tourists can continue their journey by exploring sand dunes in White Lake and visit the breeding farms nearby. You should also visit Turtle Island (Hon Nghe), an islet reaching into the sea like a turtle showing off his solid shell amid the sea. Along with exciting moments on the beach of Hon Rom - Mui Ne, popping in famous attractions in Phan Thiet such as Mui Ne Sand Dunes, resorts in Mui Ne, and enjoying fresh seafood here are indispensable things to do in Mui Ne.

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