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Cho Lach ornamental flower village

Ben Tre, Vietnam

Cho Lach ornamental flower village is one of the famous handicraft village brands in Mekong Delta tourism. As one of the exciting new tourist attractions in the region, the flower village contributes to beautify landscapes of the prosperous delta.

Far about 35 km from Ben Tre city, Cho Lach ornamental flower village is situated in Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province. Going to Cho Lach ornamental flower village, tourists will be fascinated by the space of a rich countryside with immense fruits. After nearly a hundred years existing with the great number of ups and downs, the village now brings huge profits, creating jobs for tens of thousands of local workers annually. It is also an ideal tourist attraction in Ben Tre as well as Mekong Delta attraction annually attracting numerous both domestic and international tourists.


Flowers at Cho Lach Village


Ben Tre tourism has been appealing tourist destination for tourists. If Dong Thap province is well-known with Sa Dec flower village, Ben Tre is equally with Cho Lach ornamental flower village. It is the flower basket of the region and is also one of the main sources of supplying flowers for Saigon and Mekong River Delta. In particular, the land owns the longest history of ornamental flower planting in Mekong Delta. Over numerous ups and downs, planting ornamental flowers today is even much close to the locals here. With its unique characteristics, Cho Lach ornamental flower village becomes one of the most fascinating villages in Mekong Delta.


Magnificent products at Cho Lach flower village


Setting foot on Cho Lach, tourists seem to be lost in a forest of flowers. The flower are grown with the largest volumes in this area is probably chrysanthemum. On blooming season of the flowers, Cho Lach looks like a giant yellow carpet. A special impression nowhere else in the North Vietnam can be found is that tourists will have a chance to sail to contemplate the flower village in floating season, a romantic scenery only found in Mekong Delta. It is the unique characteristics that Cho Lach ornamental flower village significantly contributes to bring Ben Tre travel closer to tourists. Discovering the handicraft village will surely be one of the interesting things to do in Mekong Delta.


Ornamental flowers at Cho Lach Village


Cho Lach used to be home to the oldest seedling production and ornamental flowers in Mekong Delta. Over more than half a century, generations of ornamental flower growing in Cho Lach has successively collected, selected, bred and shaped the distinctive ornamental species in the region. The staple varieties of flowers in Cho Lach are usually yellow apricot, raspberry daisy, confetti, and a wide range of flower buds. To meet the needs of the public and the increasingly diverse requirements of the market, artisans in Cho Lach have devised to create all kinds of ornamental animals and objects. This type of the ornamental makes anyone be able to figure out the patterns of animals or objects.


A nursery garden at Cho Lach Village


Ornamental animals initially are mostly familiar animals such as deer, cat and 12 zodiac animals.  Currently, Cho Lach has taken the breakthrough in terms of scale, quality and variety of models. Using ficus trees with strong vitality, artisans can create very large animals under the request of the customer such as deer, moose and dinosaurs. Besides, they also bend ornamental trees into the shape of ornamental objects, for instance, hexagonal house, octagonal houses, vase, teapot or Eiffel Tower...  Especially these ornamental animals and objects made from ficus trees will much more beautiful if having preserved for years. Tourists once participating in Mekong Delta travel to the flower village will surely be amazed at the excellent creativity of the artisans here.


Cho Lach Village - House-shaped ornamental flower


In particular, Cho Lach ornamental flower growers provide 6-8 million flower products for Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City and Southeast Vietnam on New Year days. Apart from the traditional flowers such as marigolds, confetti, raspberry daisies, Dahlia and carnation..., Cho Lach has preserved dozens of precious rose varieties. With the advantage of fruit orchards, diverse ornamental flowers and attractive ecological landscapes inspiring distinctive cultural identities of Mekong Delta, Cho Lach gradually strengthens its position and brand not only on the map of Ben Tre tourism but also whole region. Not only is it one of the most appealing tourist attractions in Mekong Delta, the flower village is displaying its important position on the tourism map of the country.


World of flowers at Cho Lach Village


Going to Cho Lach is to explore and enjoy the immense space of colorful vibrant waterfronts; tourists will surely never forget the exciting journey. Cho Lach ornamental flower village today is emerging as an enchanting site in Ben Tre travel. Here, tourists not only immense in the colorful endless fields of flowers but also have an opportunity to enjoy the specialty fruits such as coconut, durian, rambutan or mango... The impression on Ben Tre as well as Mekong Delta tourism thus becomes much deeper in the hearts of tourists.

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