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Hoi An Cooking Class

Red Bridge Restaurant & Cooking School, Hoi An, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Hoi An Cooking Class will surely leave the unforgettable impressions to tourists in mind. Tourists will have the opportunity to buy their own materials and process specialty dishes in the ancient town under the guidance of highly skilled chefs.

Hoi An has always been chosen as the ideal tourist spot attracting millions of tourists. Along with ecological tourism, traditional village tourism, Hoi An is now promoting culinary tourism programs. Especially, what attracts tourists most is cooking classes in Hoi An. Tourists themselves will have a chance to market to choose ingredients, spices... and cook delicious local dishes. It seems to be the best way for tourists to much get knowledge about Hoi An in general and Hoi An cuisine in particular. Hoi An Cooking Class will surely satisfy all tourists.


Cooking Class in Hoi An


As one of the unique attractions in Hoi An, restaurant has cleverly combined with the tour operators in Hoi An in order to implement the cooking instructing programs serving tourists. Tourists will have the opportunity to process typical local specialties by themselves like pho (noodle soup), noodle soup with beef, "cao lau" (delicious traditional dish in Hoi An) or Quang noodles... They are instructed to market in Hoi An, the secrets choosing fresh raw materials and process the dishes under the guidance of highly skilled chefs. Discovering cooking classes Hoi An is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Hoi An.


Inside Hoi An Cooking Class


Cities in Vietnam including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City also organize cooking classes for tourists, yet Hoi An has been chosen by the great number of tourists thanks to the charming scenery of Hoi An Ancient Town. The cooking class Hoi An is usually held in the quiet garden or in the old houses. Tourists can learn to cook unique local specialties along with typical dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. They are completely immersed in the lives of people in Hoi An where shop assistants are very friendly and choose the fresh materials to process the delicious dishes by themselves. The cooking class Hoi An is worth one of Hoi An attractions alluring numerous tourists.


Take part in Hoi An Cooking Class


Hoi An has long been owned two characteristics making powerful charisma attracting tourists participating in Hoi An travel. They are tailoring services and cooking classes. Hoi An is the paradise of culinary enthusiasts. Once enjoying the dishes at the restaurants or store along the streets, the next thing on the list of what tourists do in Hoi An is participate in a cooking class. It is actually fascinating experiences for tourists to have the opportunity to show off their friends about their talent and make a special dinner with the real specialties in Hoi An. The journey exploring Hoi An tour thus will be surely much more memorable to tourists in mind.


Participate in Hoi An Cooking Class


The cooking classes in Hoi An were held in many places in the ancient town. Tourists can enroll in Morning Glory Restaurant (106 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street). Here, tourists will have a chance to learn how to make the street foods in Hoi An and particularly discover the secrets to make famous "banh xeo" (Vietnamese crepe). Red Bridge Restaurant (4 Village, Cam Thanh commune) or Green Bamboo Restaurant (Truong Ming Hung Street, Cam An Ward) are also the perfect addresses. Notably, the classes at Green Bamboo are organized like a real family. Yet the most impressive is the cooking classes held at Tra Que vegetable garden - an indispensable tourist attraction in Hoi An where tourists grow vegetables under the guidance of the locals. Tourists can also enroll in half-day tour at Taste of Hoi An (109 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street) organized by Neville Dean, the Australian person who lived in Hoi An. This cooking tour attracts the great number of tourists from Australia, New Zealand and islands in Pacific.


Tourists at Hoi An Cooking Class


Hoi An Cooking Class has been appreciated as one of the special travel experiences in the world by Lonely Planet. Tourists will certainly get the unforgettable impressions once been engaged in the cooking classes. What will be much more interesting than processing specialties in the ancient town by themselves soon after experiencing Hoi An tours. Having a chance to cook the unique dishes and chat with the friendly locals is memorable experience in the journey of exploring Hoi An tours. It is the unique features that also significantly contribute to bring Hoi An tourism closer to tourists.

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