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Tan Long Island

My Tho, Tien Giang, Vietnam

The dreaming natural scenery amidst immense orchards and gentle indigenous people are naive impressions that Tan Long Island travel leaves in the hearts of tourists. Once exploring the wonderful island, tourists will actually get unforgettable memories.

Opposite Lac Hong Park, Tan Long Island is located on Tien River, Tan Long ward, My Tho city, Tien Giang province. Tan Long Island, also known as Dragon Island, is one of 4 famous islands in Mekong Delta, namely Long Island (Tan Long Island), Unicorn Island (Thoi Son Island), Turtle Island (Tan Quy Island) and Phoenix Island (Tan Vinh Islet). The island was named around 1872. It used to be home to people suffering from leprosy of Mekong Delta region and was completely isolated with other healthy people. The leprosy camp was moved to Quy Nhon in 1971, then Dragon Island began to welcome wealthy residents to live and settle. Over years, the island has become not only one of the economic development region in Tien Giang but also one of the tourist attractions of the province and Mekong Delta travel.


Fishing boats on Tan Long Island


As one of the most famous islands in Mekong Delta, Tan Long Island is the world of fruits. On the tiny red roads with the straight row of areca both sides, tourists can comfortably walk from orchards to other orchards without bothering. Tourists can find it easy to realize that almost families on the island grow numerous fruit trees. From the famous specialties such as durian, rambutan, sherry to seedless guava, orange, mango, jackfruit..., all can flourish in Tan Long Island. It is really a good land, a place to easily settle with many kind of tree. Soak up the scenery of immense fruit orchards at Tan Long Island will be one of the greatest things to do in Mekong Delta. Tourist will actually find nowhere else retaining peaceful and fascinating scenery than in the island.


Explore Tan Long Island, Tien Giang


Dubbed as one of the four holy islands in the delta land, Dragon Island along with Turtle Island, Phoenix Island and Unicorn Island has created a beautiful river picture alluring the hearts of human with the both realistic and mystical stories. Standing on Rach Mieu Bridge today, tourists easily find Tan Long Island like a dragon lying on the riverbank with its head towards My Tho city and the tail down Thoi Son Island. Currently, there is still a small temple to worship the ancient dragon in Tan Long Island, an evidence that the ancestors left and profound teachings to their children about the morality of human and nature. These mysterious stories of this land is also one of the highlights bringing Tan Long Island to become one of the unique attractions in Mekong Delta alluring numerous both domestic and international tourists.


Tranquil scenery on Tan Long Island           


Exploring Dragon Island, one of the impressive islands in Mekong River Delta, tourists will easily catch the ferry trip with the girls in their traditional costume quietly sailing. On the journey exploring the island, they also talk about the history and the beauty of the nature and people in the island with the extremely friendly attitude. It is a specialty of the water region. It has been said that if Tien Giang is the fruit kingdom of Mekong Delta, islands on Tien River are the fruit kingdom of this province. More than ten islands in the province are home to countless juicy fruit, Tan Long Island in which is one of the names most mentioned. Discovering unique characteristics of Dragon Island will definitely leave unforgettable impressions in the hearts of tourists when experiencing Mekong Delta tours to the island.


Sunset on Tan Long Island


Most impressively, all of barns and orchards in Dragon Island are no need to lock. Even on the roads running through the commune, fruits seem to wrap up the feet of tourists. This is perhaps the particular features of the island nowhere else can be found. Here, the locals are extremely generous. They live together with the love, faith and ennoblement. All creates a calm, tranquil and peaceful melodies of Dragon Island among the hustling and bustling urban life. Tourists feel like to get lost in a land of endlessly blue stretching with its fragrant. Tan Long Island deserves one of the most enchanting tourist attractions in Tien Giang as well as Mekong Delta attractions, significantly contributing to promote Mekong Delta tourism closer to international friends.

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