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Han Market

Han Market, Da Nang, Vietnam

Thanks to its prime location convenient for moving and the gracious and polite selling style, Han Market not only is home to purchase in the region but also becomes one of the attractive tourist attractions in Da Nang city alluring numerous tourists.

Han Market is one of the most famous markets in Da Nang city center, near Han River Bridge, which is adjacent 4 streets in 4 sides, namely Hung Vuong, Tran Phu, Tran Hung Dao and Bach Dang. Most of tourists participating in Da Nang travel set foot on Han Market for going shopping. In term of its formation process, Han Market was born in the 1940s of the 20th century from a trading area of a spontaneous trading group. Yet thanks to the advantages of convenient transportation on both road and waterway, Han Market has been growing and becoming one of the most important Da Nang markets. Time to time with the constant development, some Chinese and Vietnamese merchants built around the market a pretty busy commercial area with grocery stores, jewelry shops, herbal medicine stores.... with the wide range of goods and commodities. Undergoing the time, Han Market today is one of the most significant and well-known markets in the Central in general and in Da Nang in particular attracting the great number of tourists at home and abroad.


Han Market Da Nang seen from outside


As one of the largest markets in the city, Han Market was put into its entirely new constructions on 19 May 1990, including 2 floors with an area of 25,000 m2. It was inaugurated on the anniversary of the liberation of Da Nang on 29 March 1991. The architecture of Han Market is relatively airy with its scale of 576 pavilions and 36 kiosks surrounding along with more than 30 different categories of products decorated extremely neat and tidy. The market at that time supplied almost demand of the citizens. It is the scientific organization that makes tourists comfortably go shopping in Da Nang without feeling of tiredness; simultaneously, it brings the market to become one of the most appealing Da Nang attractions alluring numerous both domestic and international tourists. Discovering Han Market is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Da Nang.


Inside Han Market Da Nang


Han Market is home to diverse and various kinds of goods from shoes, clothes, clothing, and handbags to souvenirs, gifts... In particular, the market is also famous for its fresh seafood, fresh fruits and specialties in Da Nang. The most prominent, the stalls of fish sauce or dried products are addresses tourists usually set foot on to buy as their gifts. These extremely unique specialties are close to Da Nang people. In particular, the reason why Han Market become one of the most appealing attractions in Da Nang alluring international tourists is that the market is a past and a history with them. The supermarkets with spacious and huge architectural works having been built gradually replace the traditional markets, yet it does not contain the typical characteristics of Oriental culture.


Shoppers inside Han Market Da Nang


The tourists from these countries participating in Da Nang tour are thus eager to visit Han Market only for the purpose of looking for the feelings of traditional shopping style. Feelings of being bought, bargained the price and visiting provide them excitement and novelty. It is also typical characteristic of markets in Vietnam in general and in Da Nang in particular. Han Market thus attracts the great number of tourists from all around the world. In particular, Han Market currently also appears in Da Nang tours, which promisingly offers the special impressions to tourists in mind. Commercial civilization here is fairly good without unsettling, soliciting and cheating. This will definitely be one of the unforgettable experiences in the journey of exploring Da Nang travel to tourists.


View from the upper level of Han Market


Thanks to its beautiful location and inspiring the style of the Da Nang people, Han Market has promoted its capabilities and strengths. Not only is it a market with trading activities, Han Market is also the tourist site attracting tourists when going to Da Nang city. Hospitable Da Nang citizens along with the products and services in Han Market will certainly satisfy tourists once setting foot on here. Han Market thus displays its significant contributions in promoting Da Nang tourism closer to both domestic and international tourists.

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