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Marble Mountains

Da Nang, Vietnam

Thanks to its alluring beauty, Marble Mountains have been exploited as a popular tourist attraction in Da Nang. Being one of the most well-known symbols of the city, it still hides many mysteries to explore.

About 8 km from Da Nang City center to the east, Marble Mountains is located in a vast sandy area of 2km long and 800m wide in Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains) District. It has long been the tranquil paradise for tourists. Marble Mountains consists of 5 Mounts, which are named after the five elements: Thuy (Water) Mount and Moc (Wood) Mount in the east; Tho (Earth) Mount, Kim (Matal) Mount, and Hoa (Fire) Mount in the west.


Kim Son (Metal Mount)


Marble Mountains - Panoramic view of Kim Son


Kim Son is situated in the southeast of Co Co riverbank. Taking a boat on the river, tourists can comfortably enjoy mountain and pagoda shadows reflecting on the calm waters. Right at the foothills, there exists a cave which is 50m long, nearly 10m wide, and 10 - 15m high. The entrance to the cave is natural stone steps. Notably, layers of stalactites cling to cliffs form an Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva statue which is extremely spectacular and attractive. The statue is also much more vivid thanks to a layer of sparkling stalactites as tinsel strips covering from the shoulder to the heel. Overall, this is a wonderful frieze that the nature has given to Kim Son.


Moc Son (Wood Mount)


Moc Son in Marble Mountains


Situated in the east, Moc Son is close to the sea and Thuy Son (Water Mount). The Mount is adjacent the sand cave to the east and the south, with paddy fields to the north, and villages to the west. In particular, there is no temple or pagoda in the mountain, but only a block of white marble like a sitting woman. Local people call it Mu or Guanyin. Under the peak about 10 meters, there is an appearance of wide stone embankment running across the south.


Thuy Son (Water Mount)


Thuy Son in Marble Mountains


Situated in a large strip of land about 15ha wide, Thuy Son (Water Mount), also known as Tam Thai, is the highest mountain in Marble Mountains. The Mount owns 3 peaks in 3 floors: the highest peak in the northwest is Thuong Thai, the lower one in the south is Trung Thai, and the lowest one in the east is Ha Thai. Almost temples, pagodas, or caves in Marble Mountains concentrate in Thuy Son. Accordingly, there are Vong Giang Pavillion (river-viewing pavilion), Pho Dong Tower, Tu Tam Pagoda, Tam Tam Pagoda, Tam Thai Pagoda, Hanh Cung area, Hoa Nghiem Cave, Huyen Khong Cave, Linh Nham Cave, and Lang Hu Cave in Thuong Thai peak. Trung Thai peak retains Thien Phuoc Dia and Van Can Nguyet cave entrance, Van Thong Cave, Thien Long Cave, Van Nguyet Cave. Ha Thai peak is owner of Hai Dai Pavillion (sea-viewing pavilion), Linh Ung Pagoda, Ngu Coc Cave, Tang Chan Cave, Tien (Fairy) Well, Am Phu tam Cave.


Tam Thai Pagoda in Thuy Son


Sightseeing Thuy Son peak, tourists should not miss Vong Giang Pavillion (river-viewing pavilion) on the right side of Tam Thai Pagoda. Standing here, tourists can cover a panoramic view of a vast rice-growing area of Da Nang, Quang Nam, Truong Giang River and Cam Le River... Besides, going around to the back of Tam Thai Pagoda in a dirt road, tourists will step into Hoa Nghiem Cave and Huyen Khong Cave. Notably, Huyen Khong Cave is opencast cave fitting inside the mountain. The cave owns a vaulted roof, flat ground, no stalagmites and stalactites. There are also 5 multi-shaped holes in the roof to see the sky outside. Landscapes in the cave are actually vivid and energetic. Spectacular scenery of paddy fields, waters, and villages will be opened when tourists have a change to stand here.

In particular, from Hai Dai Pavilion, on the right side of Linh Ung Pagoda, tourists comfortably contemplate a vast space of the bustling activity of the boats at sea.  Linh Ung Pagoda in Ha Thai peak also owns a high historical value. It is considered as the national pagoda and Buddhist monuments.


Hoa Son (Fire Mount)


Hoa Son in Marble Mountains


Hoa Son consists of 2 peaks and a rocky road connecting them together. The peak in the west near Kim Son is Duong Hoa Son, located on the Co Co River. There is the appearance of numerous caves and Pho Son Da Pagoda in the peak. The other in the east near the road to Hoi An is Am Hoa Son with high jutting peaks, many rocky slopes forming slices. Here, thick vegetation alternately grows creating an eye-catching view.


Tho Son (Earth Mount)


Landscapes in Tho Son


Tho Son is situated in the north compared to Kim Son and in the west compared with Thuy Son. The Mount owns the lowest elevation, but longest. It looks like a dragon lying on the sand. The southern slope is steeper with narrow and low cliffs, which is easily to make a sense of astonishment.

In particular, the northern mountainside of Tho Son is Long Hoa Pagoda. The pagoda was just built in 1992. With a fairly simple architecture, Long Hoa Pagoda also owns an extremely charming scenery. Notably, topography here stretching is favorable for restoring landscapes to contribute to adorn a panorama of Non Nuoc - Marble Mountains.

Marble Mountains is considered as such a huge Penjing in the heart of Da Nang City. It is not only a cultural symbol in the mind of Da Nang people, but also the appealing destination in Da Nang tourism in particular, and in Central tourism in general - the heritage road.

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